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Who is Jesus Essay

Jesus Christ is the Son of Man; born of a virgin, and child of the Lord. He was born in Bethlehem, in modern day Israel, in the year 0AD, and lived a humble life of poverty.  He was a carpenter, in a poor household, and never sought fame or wealth, or anything selfish for himself, and was all-loving. This love and kindness is the reason he suffered such awful pain on the cross, for the purpose of saving all of mankind, and welcoming us with open arms into the Kingdom of Heaven, and freeing us from eternal condemnation.

Throughout his life he stopped raging seas, walked himself upon their water, raised a man from the dead, and fed thousand’s from one boy’s lunch, and yet still rode humbly on a donkey. These miracles have proved to millions of people for the past 2,000 years that he is truly the Son of Lord, and the Christ.

His mission on earth was simple; to share God’s love and goodwill, but this love was so strong that not even King Herod, nor Satan nor any Roman could prevent it spreading throughout the world. Jesus Christ’s desire is for us to all be at one with our Lord, and to accept him into our hearts, and he has promised to be patient, and gentle until we make the final step, and save ourselves.

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