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What is communism Paper

“Communism is defined as a classless political system. It is a political theory or system in which all property and wealth is owned by all the members of that society.”(Microsoft Dictionary)In such a society, groups are the possessors of major resources as well as production means.s Theoretically, communism gives equal works and benefits to every society member.It derived from many resources like Plato’s Republic and also the early Christian community.Communism and World affairsWith ChinaInternational community were astonished in 1963 following disagreement between China and soviet union (USSR).The two countries had formerly been strong allies in cold war against America as well as Western Europe.With AmericaLeadership crises and alteration in international climate altered the America-Soviet relation post-1945.Cold war limit the mutual cooperation in 1962.America and Soviet Union had clashes over the activities of soviet in Cuba. USSR had close relation with Fidel Castro leadership in Cuba and assured him of help in case of American attack. Following stationing of missiles by Soviet in 1962 in Cuba. J.F Kennedy asked them to retreat and Khrushchev responded and commanded the withdrawal .Moscow was consistent in support to Cuban economy via trade and aids .The Cuban soldiers as well as the advisers assisted in the advancement of Soviet policy in both Asia and Africa post 1976.With other Asian countriesThe USSR backed the communist forces of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam post-WWII and went into agreement of cooperation with him in 1950 .The USSR involve in Geneva accord in 1954 that divided the Vietnam into North and South .Support was given to Ho’s leadership in communist North when a fight broke out between US- backed anti-communist and communist forces that were out to reunite the country.With African countriesThe interest was stimulated following the decolonization and assumption of power by leaders in need of aid from Moscow in order to solve their problems. In the 1960’s, the Congo DR Patrice Lumumba supported by Soviet Union was killed in a rebellion in 1961 .Kwame of Ghana and his socialist leadership were displaced in 1966. A friendly government was enthroned in Angola in 1970’s by Soviet union with the aid of Cuba.With western EuropeIn 1955, Soviet established relationship with the West Germany. They fuelled repeated crises between West and East Germany .Friendship with West Germany Improved by the end of the decade following the emergence of Social Democratic Government (SDG) in Bonn. South and West Germany signed agreement in 1970 renouncing the use of forces in settling disputes.The Demise of Soviet Union“Conflict over constitutional and economic issues brought the Soviet Union to the brink of civil war and prompted its disintegration into 15 volatile successor states in 1991”(Colton, Microsoft Encarta).To start with, the year 1985 marked a watershed in the communist rulership in Russia. Mikhail was promoted to the status of General Secretary. He had a vision of what to do to sustain communism in Russia making him to initiate a programme known as “Perestroika” targeted at assisting the rebuilding of government and military but the main aim was to facilitate Soviet living standard.Perestroica however turned out to be a failure. The year 1991 witnessed a sharp worsening of economy before the eyes of Gorberchev and he was helpless. Thereafter, the USSR voted out of reality in Dec 1991 and Gorbachev quitted as president of the former Soviet Union. Finally, communism destroyed the soviet empire. The bug of communism finally demised the last bit of energy from Russian nation in the period of 1980’s and 1990’s leading to the disintegration and demise of the Soviet Union.In conclusion, one of the major reasons for the demise of the communism is that the government failed to measure up to standard in her promise for a better quality of life to people Another factor is the failure of the government to properly handle both social and foreign affairs. The Challenge facing Russia now is the responsibility and a task that may be impractical, a voyage that may take many years. However it is believed that in the nearest future, Russia may regain a stable and well-balanced government.

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