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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Mobile Phone ? Essay

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the mobile phone today ? It can be widely acknowledged that mobile phones have became a necesity nowadays being a fundamental part of technology’s evolution and progress. This magic device was first invented in the late 80’s being very special, rare and really expensive at that time. Using a mobile phone nowadays implays a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Talking about the positive side, a major benefit of using mobile phones nowadays is that there is a permanent connection between you and information’s updates thanking to the high-speed bandwidth internet.

Another good advantage of the mobile phone is that it offers you mobility and accesability almost anywhere thanks to a large coverage area. Refering to accesability and network connections a great innovation of the last decade, according to mobile phones, is the 3G and 4G LTE bandwidth which is able to work as a normal connection but with a larger coverage area and less resources on a smaller device than a personal computer gving the possibility to control and administrate all the financial activities like shopping for example, or why not to control your bank accounts.

Now, talking about the negative side, there are some important drawbacks which are pretty visible. A major disadvantage is the price, referring to the new models, these are quite expensive but the price is also influenced by the mobile operators who are practicing some high rates being a big obstacle in the front of the customer. Another drawback is linked to this option of a permanent connection.

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Well this function it is very usefull but it is also very vulnerable, being pretty easy to get infected with all kind of malicious attacks and viruses able to steal your passwords, mails etc. Taking everything into consideration I tend to believe that mobile phone is a very usefull gadget having more advantages of using it, than disadvantages.

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