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Web Content Management Systems Essay

Web content management system requires an administrator and/or web developer to set up and add features but mainly the editing and management part can be handled by a non-technical person. Features Web content management systems typically have the following features; Automated Templates: Standard output templates can be created and applied to change the design of the entire web page can be changed centrally. Access Control: Some of the web content management systems allow the content manager to manage access rights to certain groups or users, ? Access rights can be provided or certain pages can be blocked for specific user groups Access right can also be managed to allow or block access for ‘logged on’ or ‘anynonumous users’ Scalable Expansion: WCMS’ provide the capability to expand a single implementation (one installation on one server) to various domains. Work flow management: Workflow is the process of creating cycles of sequential and parallel tasks that must be accomplished in the CMS. For example, one or many content creators can submit a story, but it is not published until the copy editor cleans it up and the editor-in-chief approves it.Collaboration: WCMS allows many people to collaborate on a single web page. Many authorized content writers can work on one document or web page simultaneously, these changes can be authorized to make them permanent or denied to revert to the original document. Document management: CMS software may provide a means of collaboratively managing the life cycle of a document from initial creation time, through revisions, publication, archive, and document destruction. Content virtualization:CMS software may provide a means of allowing each user to work within a virtual copy of the entire web site, document set, and/or code base. This enables changes to multiple interdependent resources to be viewed and/or executed in-context prior to submission. Content syndication: Content management systems help in content distribution by the likes of RSS feeds, emails can also be sent out to registered users in case the content is updated. Multilingual support: The content can be displayed in multiple languages.Versioning: Like many document management system, versioning can be done on the web content as well. Authorized content editors can pick up writing from a point in the article already published. This feature is very useful in contents that require regular updating. Types of content management systems There are three types of content management systems: ? ? ? Online CMS Offline CMS Hybrid CMS Online CMS: The online content management systems are capable of displaying content on demand when a user visits the web page. E. g. certain template can be applied to the webpage from the web cache when a user is visiting the web page. Offline CMS: These are sometimes referred to as “static-site generators”, here instead of displaying the content on-demand, the content processing is done before publishing. Since pre-processing tools don’t require a server to display content on-demand. Offline CMS can also exist purely as a design time tool. Hybrid CMS: These content management systems write executable content, in which CMS itself doesn’t have to be deployed on a server but server similar functionality of the online CMS.Most popular content management systems ? ? ? ? ? WordPress Joomla ModX Text pattern Refinery CMS ? ? ? ? ? Drupal Concrete 5 Dotnet nuke Umbraco Tiny CMS Advantages of CMS Cost effective With a content management system, a web page can be maintained for a fraction of a price of hiring a web developer. Easy customization The web page can be easily customized without coding. Most WCMS provide a GUI using which the content can be customized using user friendly features such

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