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Verbal Communication Paper

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Verbal Communication Verbal communication is defined as showing your thoughts through words. Some examples of thoughts are ideas, opinions, directions, dissatisfaction, objections, emotions and pleasures. Verbal communication is more important than written communication. It is a way to communicate to people face-to-face. Sound, words, speaking, and language are some of the key components of verbal communication. It is considered as 25% speaking and 75% listening.

Inside the organization, verbal communication is important because inside, you are dealing with diversity people throughout the day. You are dealing with people who have different culture, age and different levels of knowledge about the organization. For example, if you are having a conversation with your friend, you will interact with them with a lot of confidence. However, you will have a different way of speaking when talking to a person related to a business.

A person thought will be difficult to express when he or she is talking to a customer who has different culture, much older than him or her, and have a lot of experience in business. So, it is important to have an accurate skill when using verbal communication when dealing with different people. Acquiring a better verbal communication is not that difficult. A person will just have to be flexible with people no matter what the situation could be. To illustrate, a person is having a speech in front of the audience at work, and he expressed his words through business vocabulary.

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However, the audience aren’t familiar with the language you might be using, and his audience will lose their attention to what he is saying, this way he has to change the way he express his thoughts by using words what are more understandable to them. Attending a college course that is related to business communication is a way to acquire a better verbal communication. This way, you will be forced to communicate more organized and it will help you to reduce your fear of talking to a big crowd.

Besides taking a class in college, working in organizations that deals with a lot of people can help you to have confidence in speaking in public. Applying the listening and speaking techniques can help you to improve your verbal communication. To have a good verbal communication, you have to learn to listen well because listening is indeed a key to success. When it comes to a good verbal communication, speaking properly must be applied, because you want your listener to listen to your thoughts and you want your audience to understand you.

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