The Unrestricted Trade Example

Unrestricted International trade is the importing and/or exporting of goods and services between different countries around the world. When international trade is unrestricted it allows access to any or all countries that wish to partake in this style of trade or exchange. Although there are a few downfalls to unrestricted trade, for instance the risk of receiving unsafe items such as; food, toys etc. I do not oppose unrestricted international trade; I am in favor of unrestricted international trade.

I personally believe that the overall outcome of unrestricted international trade is exceedingly beneficial for the economy, government, society etc; not only in our country but within other countries as well.

I am also for unrestricted trade because it allows for more competition, which is ultimately more satisfying and appeasing to the consumers. If we were limited to only the goods and services that our country could provide, the cost of certain goods or services might be higher than the prices for goods and services that would have been provided by another country.

It is my belief that international trade should increase in order to continue globalization. The U. S. has bilateral free trade agreements with 5 countries in the Middle East, and those countries account for 38% of all the trading that takes place in that region. (Shikh, 2008). According to Shikh, Free Trade Agreements (FTA) has proved to be one of the best ways to open foreign markets and the competitive positions between the United States and other countries.

I believe that if we have unrestricted international trade we will ultimately become beneficial and profitable.

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Not only will unrestricted international trade be beneficial to the U. S. but it could possibly make other foreign countries more profitable and beneficial as well.


  1. Shaikh, A. (2008) International Trade Administration: Bilateral Accords and U. S. trade with the Middle East. A Track Record of Success.

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The Unrestricted Trade Example
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