Underage Driving

TEEN TRAFFIC Attention! Attention! Attention! If you are a teenager or a parent of one then – it is a MUST for you to read on. It is very important for you to know that driving and especially underage driving is a potentially “risky activity”. Nowadays, in the times of modernization and the exposure, the teenagers are getting, they find it difficult to resist the temptation of driving before the right age. Due to peer pressure and to look cool, most teenagers start driving at an early age.

It gives them a feeling of invincibility, freedom and independence. But is this rosy world of teens as beautiful as they think it is? Well, let’s see. It is true that anyone driving on the roads is quite in danger of meeting with an accident and teens between the ages of 16 yrs to 19 yrs are more vulnerable to it. The reason being that they are the most inexperienced when it comes to matters of the road.

It has been found that the most number of people jumping a red light, taking illegal turns or driving with too many pillion riders are teens.

Underage Driving

They are even found wanting in the use of seat belts. Teens are the ones who usually meet with more number of accidents due to their immaturity as they often underestimate the seriousness or danger involved in a situation. They are wild by nature and high in spirits and also quite carefree. The fact that they are breaking rules and still not getting caught gives them a feeling of boldness.

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They often wear an attitude that says – ‘I can get away with anything and everything”.

But ask the families who have lost one of their dear ones due to road accidents and are suffering now but also repenting at the same time due to their only mistake of allowing their young child to drive prematurely. Well, the fact remains that parents who allow their kids to drive on the roads whether, only for making their lives easy as the teens have to rush from their schools to tuition classes, don’t even think twice about its consequences. Statistics say that 1400 adolescents died due to underage driving in India in the year 1999 and the numbers keep increasing drastically every year.

I feel that the leniency of the traffic police and negligence of the parents is the main cause of this problem. I don’t understand why is it so difficult for the traffic police to keep a check on underage driving as anyone in a school uniform driving a vehicle is underage. Traffic rules should be carefully explained and strictly enforced in all places. The police should be strict and should levy heavy fines on the offenders. Parents should also guide their wards in obeying traffic rules.

The teenagers should be made to realize that driving is full of responsibilities and is a very serious issue. It involves the safety of not only their lives but also the other traffickers. The most important thing is that if the parents set an example by obeying traffic laws then their children will respect the law too. The schools can also contribute by making the students aware of the dangers involved in driving and the responsibility that comes with it. I feel that a combined effort of the police, parents and the schools will certainly help to reduce this problem to a great extent.

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Underage Driving
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