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Two Hands Film Essay Paper

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‘TWO HANDS’ Released in mid 1999, ‘Two Hands’ was a box office success in Australia. Financed by the Australian Film Finance Corporation with assistance from Film Victoria and the New South Wales Film and Television Office. The film was made on a total budget of $4. 4 million. ‘Two Hands’ went on to make $5,478,485 at the box office, it was the first Australian film to open in top position at the Australian box office within the last six years prior to its release. With a total budget of $4. 4 million, it was an exceptionally modest amount considering the average Australian feature film budget at the time was around $3 million.

It was filmed in and around Sydney for eight weeks and the locations used add more substance to the film by using many dark broody locations in and around suburban Sydney. ‘Two Hands’ was produced by ‘Marian MaCgowan’ and was written and directed by ‘Gregor Jordan’. It won around 12 Awards which include 5 AFI Awards and 2 FCCA Awards. Producer ‘Marian MaCgowan’ brought in an exceptional group of film makers, some of them were the most talented professionals that the Australian industry had to offer at the time.

The film stars ‘Heath Ledger’ as the lead character, a now well known Australia actor but not so fourteen years ago. His debut release of ’10 Things I Hate About You’ a month earlier was a very lucky breakthrough and gave ‘Two Hands’ a kick start at the Box Office. Even tho the DVD was released in Australia on VHS/DVD in 2000/2001 by ‘REP distribution’ and ‘Beyond Films’, it didn’t get distributed in America till December 2005 by ‘Miramax Home Entertainment’, ‘Buena Vista’, and ‘Beyond Films International’.

Two Hands Film Essay

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