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Top Five Yard Sale Advertising Tips Essay

Essay Topic:

Yard sales are a great way to earn some cash while de-junking your home. Advertising is one of the ways to make your yard sale a success. Here we look at the ways to attract traffic to your yard sale through advertising. You need to make two big posters- The posters have to be really big. Else it will not be noticed by the people when you put it up in the main road. Place on poster in the main road where to catch the attention while you place the second one on the busiest road near your venue of yard sale, which is your home.

This is the first and the foremost yard sale advertising tip. Include date and time and address on the yard sale sign- This mandatory. People need to know whether the sale is going on or not. Including date and time will let the people know if the sale is going on or not. Stay consistent with the poster color- Following this advertising tip is important. Use only one color for all your yard sale posters.

If your color is deep pink, follow the same color for all posters don’t change from pink to white or yellow. Guide your traffic every two blocks with arrow and use balloons- Using the same color poster is the key here. Use black marker pens to draw arrows on the posters to guide the traffic to your venue. This will make it easier for the shoppers to find your yard sale. Using balloons will catch the attention of the traffic.

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Include some of your best items on the posters- For instance, if you have a lots of baby clothes for both genders mention that on the posters. If there are toys and other items such as books for kids mention them on the posters. These things sell like hot buns. The above mentioned are some of the popular advertising tips that a yard sale host can use to make their sale a grand success. If you have any yard sale advertising tips please share it with us.

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