There are countless ways a student can avoid being successful in life

But one of the main behaviors which can cause an individual to fail is procrastination. When students have to complete a task or a big project many of them confuse their priorities, and find themselves waiting until the last minute to finish the task at hand. Another cause for procrastination could be the lack of initiative the student might have in completing an assignment.

Or simply some students may fear failure, and may not have full confidence in themselves in order to do the assignment.

Procrastination may seem like an easy way out in beginning, but if it’s not address it turns into a huge obstacle of unnecessary stress at the end. The inability for a student to prioritize what is important and what is not, is one of the most common reasons why a student chooses to put off their work. When an assignment seems difficult a student may begin to start thinking of different ways to avoid the work altogether.

They may also begin to work on an assignment and feel as if they worked too hard and decide to take a break, forgetting about the work altogether. Consequently they become accustomed to the instant satisfaction of taking a break that it becomes another motive for putting off the work. As the student realizes that the due date draws near a sense of panic overcomes them, which temps them into giving up completely. Another reason why a student may choose to procrastinate may be the lack of initiative to complete the task presented to them.

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The student may go over the task and find it boring or not challenging enough to hold their interest. This mentality can hinder the ability for a person to concentrate in their task. Also others may find false security in thinking that they can do the task tomorrow; as a result the person puts off doing the work until the night before the due date. This causes them to work under stress through long hours of the night and as a result they turn in an assignment which is poorly completed.

Fear is a very strong emotion, and many students face it when having to do an assignment. They may avoid the assignment all together because they feel like they don’t have the adequate knowledge or skill in order to do the work correctly. Procrastination also feeds on making the individual feel like they are not good enough and falsely gives the individual the idea that it’s ok not to the work. Some people may also fear the professor’s criticism that accompanies their work whether it is constructive or not.

Fear can blindly make an individual accept the false idea that they have to be procrastinators and be complaisant with this behavior. Procrastination may give a feeling of instant satisfaction but in the long run it does affect the efficiency of a student. It does not matter how easy or complex an assignment may seem, the bottom line is that it will have to be completed sooner or later. Don’t fall back on the though “I’ll have more time tomorrow” because you may be busier tomorrow than today.

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There are countless ways a student can avoid being successful in life
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