The death of the author gives birth to the reader.

Reader response criticism places vast autonomy of reading pleasure to the reader. This school of literary theory provides much attention to the reader as well as the reader’s experience over a literary work. According the theorists of this school of thought, the role of the reader Is critically Important In the understanding of literature and actively seeking the meaning of the literary text. The Story of The Inky Boys Is a moral story and was written by Heimlich Hoffman for his children in 19th century.

I personally feel that this is not ally a story about discrimination due to the differences in skin color. The whole text may be structured with some forms of offensiveness and negative implications. The black moor is the bullied subject to the white naughty kids. It means that minority is under the subjugation of colonial power. The inferior always lacks power and being submissive in the society. This is especially significant during the colonialism era during 1 5th -20th centuries.

However, the subjugated minority may become the leader of the dominant group in the society one day as the black moor leads the white boys In the end.

This tells us that a person with positive traits would not be always the looser Instead the negative traits a person has may cause him In trouble or suffering. This Is nothing to do with the skin color, background, social status differences of a person. The prominent emphasis on differences between the black and white could be nothing more than their social status.

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The moor: black, strange color trousers, green umbrella, shirtless, bare footed as well as untidy. While the whites: proper attire, clean and tidy.

The stereotypical of the moor depicted in the Tory has remanded him to be the fun making object and discriminated. However, from a female point of view, I would say the writer himself also has some forms of discriminatory towards gender equality. It is so prominent that the story is basically male dominated/oriented because no single female has been included in the story. Does it Imply that female status is even lower than the moor? The irony of the story may rest on the three white little boys who response negatively to color black and perceive black as Inferior.

They taunting the black moor and disobey Saint Nicholas device. Saint Nicholas gets rage and dips them In the giant Nippon. They are not only transformed into black but even worst the black moor. This implies negativity of a child could be improved as well as positivist could be destroyed without proper guidance. The author is using the satirical form of poetry to expose human weaknesses. He most probably would like to see and bring about improvement upon races and society. The tall Saint Nicholas symbolizes power and legislation of a nation.

His strange attire may to inform about his hierarchy and status within the society. Anyone who challenges his hegemony would be punished as how the three disobedient kids did in the story. The giant Nippon signifies an ordeal for people to receive their punishment due to misbehaver or misconduct. On the other hand, it could also exemplify a community for the various races to get together and establish a common Identity to achieve integration. If base on Freudian theory, the goose feather could be referred to male Imagery or phallic symbols which Is related to the sexual aggression.

On the other hand, the image of gigantic Nippon may stand-in for Nippon as the punishment they deserved from their misconduct. In terms of rhyme, in the end of every two lines of each stanza produces the same lyrical sound to arouse the pleasurable sense for enjoyment. This helps to capture the attention of the audience. The story has provided us with some valuable moral teaching to share with our children. The explicit meaning of this story underlies the importance of mutual understanding and respect among races. It is the parents’ responsibilities to impart positive traits to the young kids.

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