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Pod Fighter The Roar Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Communication

I shouted probably the whole summer. In language arts class we studied Lone Star books. We had to read one and mine was The Roar by Emma Clayton. It was a really good book. Our class had to discuss symbols for our book. The symbols were theme, plot, character, and setting. My favorite character was Elli. She was so caring and kind. Her symbol Is her pet monkey Puck. Elli cared about her family and Puck. Since she was kidnapped the only thing that Elli had was Puck.

The person who kidnapped Elli was a crazy man named Mall German. He wanted to run tests on Allele, but Elli didn’t want to help him. Allele had to destroy lots of asteroids piece by piece Just to get Puck fed. The theme of this story Is hope which represents the video game Pod Fighter. Milk, (which Is Less twin brother) hoped that he could find Elli by playing Pod Fighter which he learned was made by Mall German. He eventually did find Allele, but he found her with Mall German so he was sent to war.

The main setting of this story was Future London. I used animals to represent Future London because 7/8 of the world’s population is living in 1/3 of the Earth, in Future London, behind the Wall. The other people are living on the other 2/3 of the earth. Those people found out that the world would end of global warming so they tricked the ignorant rest of the world that There was an Animal Plague where animals turn evil. They also believed that they had destroyed all the animals while they were actually living there!!

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Some people like Mall German found out, but it was too late. The people were too selfish so they sent them back to Future London with really high jobs. Finally, the plot of The Roar is war which I symbolized with a war tank. Once some kids like Mike and Elli figured out what was on the other side of the all they were furious! Both sides of the Wall prepared for war. The good side of the wall had nuclear bombs and animal boors that could kill an army is one shot.

Pod Fighter The Roar

However, Future London had mutant children like Elli and Mike which were born with an animal part. The animal boors think the mutant children are animals like them therefore they will not attack the mutants. They would make ideal spies. After I used those symbols to compare the book to real life, I loved it even more. The Roar by Emma Clayton is one of the BEST books I have ever read. I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good story or fantasy. The Roar By turbulently My favorite character was Elli. She was so caring and kind.

Pod Fighter The Roar

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