The objective of this research is to compare which country is mostly suitable to have subsidiary company of Lotteria between Brazil and Russia. 1. 2 1. 2. 1Lotteria is a Korean chain of fast-food restaurants, branches in East Asia. This is a subsidiary company of Lotte. 1. 2. 2The Lotteria is the best hamburger company of Korea. In competition with huge fast-food restaurant companies such as McDonald’s and Burgerking, Lotteria showed tight competitions. In East Asia regions, Lotteria had stable market power in fast-food business.With the unique quality and characteristic of Korea culture, Lotteria will have sufficient strengths against competitors in the world market.

1. 3 1. 3. 1 Appendices 1. 3. 2 Appendices 1. 3. 3I am a paternalistic type of leadership styles. I prefer to make decision making by myself while caring about the employees by myself. To role the company, there must be a leader to push the team to achieve goals then naturally employees do their own works without being pushed by the leader. 1. I expect managing Lotteria in Brazil will make lots of profits and make the Lotteria as one of the largest company in the world.

2. 0 Methods 2. 1During the research, I was able to gather the information by using recommended sites from the instructor and searching through Google. Also I had interview with the worker of Lotteria, to get realistic collected data. To find Unilever’s business model in each country, I have searched the reports of existing facts and examples that really happened. . 2Mainly my research is classified into 3 steps. Firstly, to collect the data of Brazil and Russia, I searched in the Internet sites that were recommended.

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In addition to support more data, I used Google to search more data about cultures, consumer profiles, business etiquette, market environment, and the needs to achieve good cross cultural management. Next, I interviewed the worker at foreign investment department of Lotteria to collect realistic data and management of originals.For the last, to find how Unilever have done business in Brazil and Russia, I have searched through articles, reports, and analysis of real facts that happened in the past. 3. 0 Findings 3. 1To manage the subsidiary market of Lotteria in foreign country, the advantages of Lotteria have is not important as much as the cultures that affect the business of Brazil and Russia. The common cultural influences of two countries are that they have hierarchical systems in business. The decision should be made by the upper class workers.In Brazil, the consumers are loyal to brands, so it is hard for foreign company to enter the market in Brazil. However, the unique cultural facts that Brazil has is that their economy is dual structure which means the polarization. This makes difference consumer types of Brazilian, the upper classes considers quality more than the lower and they try to attached to the foreign company to distinguish them with other classes. On the other hand, the lower classes consider mostly about the price still the majority of Brazilian spend their income at food which is about 16. % which is the second largest portion next to the house. Compare to the Brazil, Russia consumer structure and characteristics are different, as in Russia there are middle classes generating 80% of demands. Russian consumers also care the brands and the quality as importantly, but not as the Brazilian they do not be attracted by price, they are indifferent about it. As most of Russians spend 80% of their income, they are very impulsive. 3. 2When the Unilever started their business in Brazil 4. 0 Discussion

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