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The life of PI Essay

Have you ever watched a movie that gives you peace and strength at the same time? Well, that film is an award-winning movie called “The Life of Pl”. The first time watched the movie was back in 2012, just a few days after it had been released in the cinemas. I still remember the atmosphere of the cinema it was sensational. The sound, the screen, the colors caught my attention so much that my eyes were stuck on the Immense screen for the whole time; and the comfort of the chairs made it hard for you to leave the room even to go to the toilet.

The guy to remind you to keep your calm and strength during the hard times is Sugar Sham playing P’, the main character. The film is directed by Nag Lee, which was able to adapt the film fantastically well to the novel. The life of Pl talks about an Indian wealthy family which owns a zoo. However they decide to move to Canada for a better lifestyle. Following that choice they embark themselves and their animals on ship. During a stormy night something unexpected happens; the ship wrecks. All the animals are lost and his family dies.

After a night lull of actions, the morning after the boy finds himself on a lifeboat with his enemy, the tiger. I admired so much the character due to the things that It had taught me through the film. The movie taught me to be strong and never let go, even through tough times. The character learns to keep going and finding ways to never let go the control of the situation. He keeps calm and studies the situation to then act and better the situation. Also the in the movie Ply’s fear takes the form of a tiger. When Pl finds himself alone on the lifeboat with a tiger, he fights his fear and tries to survive with the animal by training It.

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So that he Is able to create a beautiful relationship with Richard Parker (the tiger). Although it may seem strange I don’t have a favorite part in the film. I love the different feelings that the character is able to convey in different moments of his amazing and colorful Journey. I sometimes think that the actor’s choices was great, if playing Pl there would have been another actor I don’t think It would have been so affective. The story is full of concepts, till the end. Towards the end, when finally Pl touches land is exhausted and gets help from all the other people, and expects the the tiger o come to him.

However the tiger walks away like nothing had happened between the two. This taught me to expect delusions from other people and learn to deal with The film makes me think that sometimes I should be more careful about my actions and study better what I say and do in order to better that situation, Just like Pl. Unfortunately the life of Pl knocked off the top spot Sherlock Holmes. In term of what it had to offer to me Pl is better than Robert Downy Jar. Playing a crazy investigator. But the art of deduction still remains in my heart.

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