Who Is The Hero In The Crucible

In The Crucible, John Proctor obtains a reputation of an anti-hero when the accusations of witchcraft are made. John Proctor faces a tough decision once the accusations are made. He is torn between admitting to committing adultery or keeping his actions a secret. With the Information he knows, he has the possibility of saving many people’s lives, but If Proctor were to let the information out he would also have to admit to his actions. Although Proctor understands that confessing to adultery and telling everyone the

Information he withholds Is the right choice, he decides to try to get around ruling his reputation by convincing Mary Warren to tell the truth.

Proctor realizes how weak Mary Warren becomes and becomes desperate to save his wife, Elizabeth, life he confesses to having some type of relationship with teenage, Abigail Williams. He does not confess because he wants to, but simply because he no longer has a choice. John proctor finds a way to avoid revealing he committed adultery.

He falls to save Elizabeth and ends up being accused of witchcraft himself. An anti-hero lacks hero like qualities such as courage, sacrifice, honesty, loyalty, and so forth. John Proctor lacks all these qualities. Courage is an important part of being a hero because a hero has courage to overcome their fears and face any challenges head on. Sacrifice is also an important part of being a hero because they begin to stop thinking about themselves and are able to put aside their personal comforts and go beyond them for the well-being of other.

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Who Is The Hero In The Crucible

Being honest and loyal are necessary traits for a hero to hold because honesty is key to gaining respect and loyalty also helps gain respect but it also a good trait to have because it shows faithfulness to tasks and people and it makes the commitment clear. When a hero faces decisions and doubts, he uses qualities such as the ones named above to overcome them, but when John Proctor faces decisions and doubts he thinks of only himself and the way people would look at him if he was an honest man. Proctor is selfish and only when he is forced to do the right thing he does it, this makes him an anti-hero.

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