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The Children’s Miracle Network Essay

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Everyday that we come to work we should be reminded that we are fortunate: fortunate to be healthy, happy, and able to support ourselves. The thought that immediately follows that one, however, is that there are others who are not as fortunate and who could benefit from any help that we could give them. The Children’s Miracle Network is an organization that embraces this philosophy and they are always in search of people who are willing to help and corporations who are eager to give back to the community. To this end, this proposal is being written to make you aware of the charity’s mission, the programs that the charity is involved in, and how broad the need for support is within Canada and the United States.The Children’s Miracle Network is an international charity organization that was founded in 1983. Currently, there are 14 children’s hospitals located throughout Canada that are affiliated with the Children’s Miracle Network and the organization prides itself on helping children from all walks of life, and of all “races, ages, religions, and ailments”. Right from the beginning, the Children’s Miracle Network was aiming for broad support from many different people who were in the position to help in any way possible. Their first television fund-raiser reached 30 different television stations and during their first year raising support they were able to affiliate with 22 American hospitals and raise over $4 million dollars for their cause. From the very beginning the Children’s Miracle Network was aiming to do the impossible: help all children who are sick, and help them get better.The charity is still running strong and expanding its efforts to help children around the country and the world. Today, the Children’s Miracle Network proudly produces the most widely watched and support fund-raiser in the world and has broadcast from Disneyland and Walt Disney World, respectively, in an effort to link their cause with kid-friendly businesses and attractions. Today, the charity benefits 170 children’s hospitals and helps children in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.The Children’s Miracle Network is an organization that is desperately needed by millions of children every year. Over 14 millions children are helped annually by this charity, a reflection of just how many children and families have to deal with the hundreds of different illnesses and ailments that threaten the happiness and the lives of children throughout North America. The sad fact is that there are even more children out there who do not receive the help of the Children’s Miracle Network because there are so many in need.This leads to how it is that we as a workplace can help. As we all know, each of us has a different strength and different interests, but each of us also feels the draw to help others who need us to reach out and give them a helping hand. In this case, the children and families dealing with diseases of the body are in need of someone to reach out and make sure that they are getting the best possible care that they can receive to make their recovery speedy, and to help find cures to make sure that they can go on and live a prosperous, happy life. The Children’s Miracle Network knows that businesses and offices are constantly looking for a way to create cameraderie amongst co-workers and searching for a cause that they can all unite behind. The Children’s Miracle Network is such a cause and with our help it can continue to develop it’s programs and expand its affiliation to more hospitals around Canada and beyond.The Children’s Miracle Network is excited about involving workplaces in the fund-raising process. Workplaces around the country have sponsored benefits for the charity to help their employees rally behind a common cause and to become more attached to the community around them. From golf tournaments to galas and dinners, to individual events, co-workers get together and raise money for this worthy cause. Each of us could use our own strengths and interests to create a different event or help one event be more successful. We could rally the community support around us and make sure that children throughout the nation are receiving the help that they need during the most trying times in their lives. The beauty of this charity is that we are not limited to one single means of helping: we can do anything and use any of our strengths to bring in support for a worthy cause.What is special about the Children’s Miracle Network is that it helps many children overcome severe medical challenges. Unlike some organizations, their support is not limited to a select handful of hospitals, nor does it focus solely on one more common medical condition. Regardless of what medical problem a child is dealing with, or what hospital they go to (as long as it is one of the hundreds of affiliated hospitals) each child is given the same help to overcome their challenges. Many of these children who do triumph and get better become ambassadors for the Children’s Miracle Network and Wal-Mart’s throughout Canada will honor them. Any child, with any illness or physical ailment, is given the help that he needs and deserves.The most important thing for anyone who is fortunate enough to have good health, good friends, and a happy life to do is to give back, and every business desperately needs to give back to the community. To this end, our support of the Children’s Miracle Network is very much needed to help others, to ensure that every child who has to deal with a terrible illness, regardless of their race, ethnicity, class, gender or, most importantly, their financial means can have access to quality healthcare, given by healthcare professionals and doctors that truly care about these children, and making sure the families can focus on helping their children get better as opposed to how they are going to get their child access to the care that they need. Each of us must look deep within ourselves and find that part of us that can connect with these children, a sure motivation for us to reach out and help them. If we had a child in our life in need of the Children’s Miracle Network we would depend on the assistance that they give to get through the hard times. The Children’s Miracle Network is not just a cardboard cut-out that we buy in the grocery store line and put our name on. We have to become a member of the team and join together to help save a child.

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