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The Causes and Effects for College Students Essay

Everyone in the world has a chance to experience stress, so almost everyone knows what the meaning of stress is. Most people who suffer from stress are college students because they have many things to do at the same time. Students have to balance their course work and family at the same time, and they have to leave their family problems in their home to be able to concentrate carefully on their course work. The university life has become a lot more challenging, and it’s much harder than school.

I think being in college can be extremely stressful because students have to do everything by themselves. Furthermore, students have many assignments to do everyday. Therefore, students stay awake late and don’t pay attention to the class because they don’t get enough sleep. Moreover, college students in their first year usually lose or gain weight; this leads to stress. Also, most students have jobs and less time to do homework which makes them stress. An enormous amount of stress affects many academic issues; such as sleep deprivation, changes in weight, and time issues.

The first effect of stress that happens for college students is sleeping problems. In addition, college students have many things to do in their day time, so they have to stay up until midnight. Therefore, if they get to sleep late, they will wake up late in the morning. According to Berit, “deprivation alone is enough to make the emotional brain behave as if an extreme danger were present” (2008, P 11). In my case, every day, I have to study for an exam or do homework for all my classes and write at least one essay. Even though I finish college at 3PM, I sometimes stay until 6pm.

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Therefore, I can’t sleep well at night, and if I don’t have 8 hours of sleep, I feel tired while I’m in the class, and I can’t pay attention. Some students have to study for more than one test, so they have to spend most of their time on studying, and they need to stay awake until the next day. During the exam, they feel tired, and they can’t do well on the tests. Because of stress they don’t sleep well at night. This stress affects their attention on the class. Another cause of college stress is losing or gaining weight. Sometimes students do not have time to eat because of the work they have to do.

According to Scott (2008), in the article about stress for college students “Some people think that while student study for first year, some of students they lost their weight and other gain because of academic stress” (P7). As a result of not having enough proteins and energy to stay healthy, some students lose weight. For example, before I came here to study my major, my weight was 70kg, but after four months of studying here and the amount of work I had to finish, my weight has become 61kg because I don’t have time to cook, and I feel lazy, so I just eat simple foods and go to the bed.

Also, my friend Abdurrahman who came with me to the U. S. , he was 73kg but until now he has gained 9kg because of the stress which caused him to eat chocolate and ice cream when he felt bad. Because of this stress, students would not be able to focus carefully because they are unhealthy, so the brain may not work like some healthy person. Therefore, the stress on college students attributes to weight loss and gain. The third cause of stress that college students deal with is time management problems. Some college students are more independent, and they have to work for themselves.

Most of the students have a part time job, so they can pay for their tuitions. Thus, they have to study well in college and do well at their job simultaneously; they need more time to adapt and do well at a new job. For example, my friend John, from Washington, DC, lost his scholarship because he didn’t do well in his course, so he lost his job. He didn’t do well because he didn’t have time to study. Some students can’t manage their time between work and studying which affects them with a lot of stress.

As a result, course work and employment is difficult for students which causes the stress because of the lack of time. All of these aspects can cause students to feel like they are overwhelmed. Most students use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs to relieve stress. To conclude, I think most of the university students today are facing three main major effects that have to do with sleeping, weight and time issues. College students have a lot of stress, but we have to balance our lives. Because of the stress that college students face, some students use drugs to reduce the college stress.

Moreover, to reduce the stress, we have to balance the college life and social life. Being lazy is taboo in the college life. Students have to sleep early and wake up early and try as much as they can to focus in their classes. Students should budget their demands of college life and social life. Food is very important for the body to get energy and be more active because it contains all the nutrients and vitamins that we need in order for us to function correctly. We also have to balance between work and school. Everyone must study hard and balance life to be a successful person.

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