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Fortunate and Mentors Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Mentor

While we know Fortunate has obviously passed away in the dungeon, Mentors is wondering like thing ever happened, but at the same time has been going through some difficult things that could mark his life other than having killed one of his friends in a fairly cold way for a mysterious reason that only he knows, but was it really that bad to make him do this? Nobody will ever know. Some days passed, and Fortunate was nowhere to be found In the city, looks like Mentors has some trouble ahead of him. Has anyone seen Fortunate? Have you seen Fortunate? Where has Fortunate gone? ” The sun was starting to rise in a gloomy day, and these were some of the questions everyone was asking in town while Mentors wandered freely though town, passing the market and also the theaters without anyone knowing what had really happened. Five days had passed since the day of the carnival and everyone was starting to get very worried since Fortunate was nowhere to be found. “Did he have any enemies? ” “Do you think he got killed? “Maybe something happened to him after the carnival” but there was a deep silence in town, everyone around was making their own inferences regarding what could’ve happened because this was not normal. Past 7 says, everything was still gloomy and dark, everyone started looking for Fortunate everywhere they could, around the city, in stores, in the forest and where the carnival had been, but there were no clues anywhere until that late afternoon when they saw Mentors appear In the city wearing the same clothing he was wearing the day of the carnival after all the days that had passed, which was the only person left to ask about Fortunate. Dear Mentors, you have finally appeared! ” said one of the persons “You were the only one left, so please do tell us, do you happen to know what as happened to our dear Fortunate? ” Mentors seemed very nervous, rubbing his hands against each other back and forth, trying to escape from the situation, he didn’t want to answer to the questions people had for him. “l… L… I don’t know what happened, now If you could please excuse me” After this, Mentors quickly went back to his house in a very fast pace and looking back every second strangely. Didn’t you find that quite strange? ” One of the guys asked everyone, Mentors hadn’t appeared in the city for quite a long time too, and when he got asked about Fortunate e seemed to act very strange. Because of this, everyone decided to go on a search in everyone’s house in the city, Including Mentors the day after. Right when the sun was ruling, everyone that made part of the search went over to Mentors house Mentors opened the door very surprised and was confused like no other “What are all of you doing here? ” What is all this about? ” He asked.

They asked if they could come in to take a quick look, he welcomed them in because he was sure there was no way anyone could find Fortunate, not even he could see him. After scheming the place, everyone left, but Mentors started to feel a certain feeling he had never felt before, GUILT. “Could it be? Is it true that what I did was bad? ” he wondered rubbing his hand against his forehead in confusion. “No, no, no, he insulted me, and I had to do what I had to do” Mentors was in complete denial, but deep inside he knew that what he had done was bad, very bad.

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While he was thinking about what he did, people heard that Mentors was the last person seen in the company of Fortunate, which made everyone get a brief idea of what could’ve happened. Through the passing of the days, people have been trying to get some clues or prove of what they think happened to Fortunate but they finally give up and find nothing, but deep in the inside everyone knew Mentors had something to do with Fortunate loss. Meanwhile, Mentors had been isolating himself from the people, the city and everyone who surrounds him.

What he never thought would happen started happening, he started getting affected by what he had done. He didn’t want anything o do with anyone anymore, and even though he always was in denial of what was happening to him, his life was never the same. Because of what happened, Mentors ended up living a lonely, miserable life alone in his house knowing that his friend was dead under him and still in denial of what he was feeling. After 50 years, he opted to write his story to try to get it out of him and start living a new life after, but this has only made everything in his life get worse.

Who would’ve thought that someone so cold blooded that was able to murder one of his friends in such a way loud end up like this after all? Maybe it was karma, maybe it was guilt, or maybe he never noticed the great impact he would get after doing what he did. After 50 years, everything remains the same, Fortunate remains in the dungeon and Mentors remains alive but suffering the great consequence for his actions, living a lonely, sad, and miserable life but he never stopped denying himself and thinking that what he did was right. One day, maybe, Mentors will finally understand that he’s been living the wrong way.

About the author

This sample is completed by Emma with Health Care as a major. She is a student at Emory University, Atlanta. All the content of this paper is her own research and point of view on Fortunate and Mentors and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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