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The Aztecs Essay

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Did you know that the Aztec took their human sacrifice(act of offering something to a deity in propitiation) very seriously? Why do you think the historians should emphasize on the Aztec sacrifice? Well, historians should emphasize(pay special attention to) on this topic because of the Interesting things that are practiced during the sacrifice. The three Ideas we will talk about Is how often or why the Aztec sacrifice,why are humans sacrificed,and the religious aspect. But here are their background (that were told from Document C and E). The Aztec first came from rather Mexico around sass.

These people had common rivals(opponents)like the Spanish. Obviously, they had prisoners from war and the prisoners were to be sacrificed. The Aztec took care of the prisoners for a year to know each other,but why did they end up killing them? Now, this topic will get very interesting(the deeper you get in) so I believe this is why historians should emphasize on the Aztec sacrifice. Sacrifice was a huge cultural event to the Aztec people. The prisoners were taken from Etiquette and were brought to the capitol (doc C). The Aztec picked a warrior tit physical beauty who was later killed at the end of the ceremony (doc E).

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This warrior was changed from a seasoned warrior to a god of Educational (god of war). He was treated like a family member for a long year until given up for sacrifice (doc E). He was given all of the needed necessities and more. For example food, clothes, teachers, and instructions. This man was treated like a living god. When the day of sacrifice came, a priest sliced there chest and ripped out the heart and threw it into the shrine before the gods (doc D). Then the priest rolled the bodies down the blood dated stairway (doc D). This process lasted from midday until nightfall.

About 2,300 men were killed (doc D). This sacrifice was a huge cultural event for the Aztec especially the high class Aztec who got to sit back and watch this ceremony be performed (doc D figure). Human sacrifice Is the act of killing one or more human beings, usually as an offering to a deity, as part of a religious ritual. Spanish explorers and soldier who had contact with the Aztec between 151 7, when an expedition from Cuba first explored the Yucatan, and 1521, when Herman Court©s conquered the Aztec capital of Ethnocentric, made observations of and wrote reports about the practice of human sacrifice.

A wide variety of explanations and interpretations of the Aztec practice of human sacrifice have been proposed by modern scholars. Most scholars of Pre- Columbian civilization see human sacrifice among the Aztec as a part of the long cultural tradition of human sacrifice in Mesospheric. (Background Essay: The Aztec: Should Historians Emphasize Agriculture or Human Sacrifice) (Document A) The Aztec sacrificed humans Instead of animals to their gods. The Aztec priests dressed up the victims to look like a god. They treated some victims to a life of luxury and let them live as gods for a year before the sacrifice.

When the sacrifice time E) Animals could not be made to look or live like gods and only human hearts were a worthy sacrifice. This gorge subject matter has sensational appeal to the masses, like modern news stories of Satan-worshippers, serial killers and murder trials, for example. If people are drawn to the subject matter by morbid curiosity, they could end up learning a lot about the Aztec’ history as a side benefit. So, the Aztecan sacrifice is still an important topic that the historians should emphasize so that they can dig up more of the Aztec history.

Many people question or gripe(complain) “why should the historians emphasize the Aztec sacrifice? “. Well, not only the topic is interesting, it can prove many things for the historians for their questions. For an example, a historian was pondering(wondering) about why most of the Aztec were not killed for the sacrifice. If that historian emphasized the Aztec sacrifice, they will surely find their answers. Historians should emphasize this profound(deep,smart meaning)topic because it is a very interesting and can lead to sufficient(enough) answers.

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