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Sarah Kempker 11-17-10 If you are looking for antiques, collectibles, or vintage items there is only one place in Warrensburg to go. Those Were the Days, located on Pine Street, was started in 1992 by Larry Dilley, 73, of Warrensburg. Dilley, a retired math professor at UCM, is currently away on a hunting trip. Employee Melissa Rapp, 57, of Warrensburg, said that Dilley opened the shop for his wife who liked antiquing and collecting. Rapp said that Dilley first opened a smaller shop on BB Highway, and in 1994 he opened the shop in its current location.

Those Were the Days is open Monday through Saturday 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. and Sunday 1 p. m. to 5 p. m. , said Rapp. Rapp, who has been a dealer at the shop for 15 years, said that there isn’t much competition with other shops because they offer everything. “Dealers can rent booth space and stock their booth with their items,” Rapp said. “They can put anything except alcohol, guns, and food in their booths.

” Rapp said as items in the booths sell, the store collects the money. At the end of the month the store adds up the amount earned and subtracts it from the rent. What is great about this shop is that people can by usable items,” Rapp said. “The items people buy are less expensive than new items, but they are in good shape. ” It is a good place to find items that aren’t made anymore, said Rapp. A variety of customers come to the shop on a daily bases, said Rapp.

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“We have low income customers, such as college students, antique buyers and collectors,” Rapp said. “It is a great place for people buying on a budget. Rapp said there technically aren’t employees at the shop.

Antique Essay

Fourteen dealers help at the shop, and for every hour they work the money is subtracted from their monthly rent. “We get a lot of returning customers,” Rapp said. “Some customers we see two to three times a week. ” The busiest time of year for the store, said Rapp, is about two days before Halloween. The store typically slows down during the summer months. “I love going to Those Were the Days because you can find anything there, no matter what it is,” Alisha Montford said. Montford, 18, is a freshman at UCM. Larry recently rented a billboard on Highway 50, and that has brought in quite a few new customers,” Charlene Harrington said. Harrington has been dealing and working at the shop for 13 years. Rapp said that the shop is the second largest antique shop in the state. “Antiques are 100 years or older, collectibles are less than 100 years, and vintage is an era gone by,” Rapp said.

“What people buy has started to change,” Rapp said. “People buy a lot less antiques now, and the price of antiques has decreased. ” Harrington said it is always interesting working at the shop. You never know what someone will buy or bring in,” Harrington said. “I can spend an hours at the shop just looking at everything,” Alexis Kirkman said. Kirkman, 20, is junior at UCM. “An art student came in once and bought a pink toilet for five dollars,” Rapp said. “I visit the shop to look for a lot of items for art projects,” Marie Kuehnle said. “It is a great place to find cheap supplies. ” Kuehnle, 19, is a sophomore at UCM. There isn’t a time limit for how long someone can rent a booth, said Harrington. As long as they pay the rent, they can keep the space for the booth.

The waiting list for a booth has grown to over 40 people in 10 years, said Rapp. “The building is 100 years old,” Rapp said. “It was an antique shop already before Larry bought the building. ” Rapp said she loves working there because she loves to shop. “It’s the thrill of the hunt,” Rapp said. “It’s great that you can make friends with the customers,” Harrington said. “It’s really important that you are comfortable with people. ” Rapp and Harrington both agreed that if there is something you are wanting go to Those Were the Days and you will find it.

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