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That something about you Essay

Every morning I wake up at flee while the sun still sleeps Just as the majority of people in my apartment building. This ritual serves as an avenue to channel m energy into. There is a wide spread view held in our society that yoga is not athletically challenging. My rampant heard rate and sore muscles after every session can attest to that. Yoga, when properly practiced challenges and stimulates not Just the muscles of the body but the mind and the most Important organ, the heart as well.

One may not feel physically or mentally stimulated right from the start as opposed to other forms of exercise like running or weight training, especially if they are physically fit. With repeating more movements however you’ll start to feel the burn. If practiced as it should be, Yoga lessens the tightening of the muscles (the pain you feel when performing a downward dog for example) because of the abundance of oxygen circulating to your muscles. Transitioning from Inclined to declined positions encourage the flow of oxygen from one part of the body to another.

Inhaling from your stomach and arraying the oxygen towards the lungs in each position as well as when transitioning to another one gets your heart racing but will not leave you breathless, instead you feel prompted to keep moving. This flow 1 OFF derived from it. This flow of energy is the aim of yoga. Proper breathing technique along with exercise that encourages the flow of oxygen deliver the mind to a focused sate that can be best described as, “living in the moment”.

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In this state, one feels at one with everything and present in life. My first encounter with yoga was in the 9th grade. At the time, I was diligently tidying ballet and Jazz dancing. My teacher suggested to Join the gym to gain muscle so I could perform lifts and assist in turns. My trainer advised me to do yoga as a way to keep my muscles limber and stretched because building muscle through weight training can do the exact opposite.

It was love at first stretch. I tried my best to attend every class and I became much more adapt to it than ballet and Jazz. I was reunited with the Zen lifestyle once again when I took Yoga 11 instead of doing gym class. I learned a wealth of information about the history and theological roots of yoga. It’s place in society has minded the same for millennia serving as a therapeutic activity to the masses. The practice must be doing something right.

The reasons as to why people practice have changed however as many exercise purely for the aesthetic benefits. Yoga remains relevant as one’s metabolism can be hastened through proper breathing techniques and the muscle toning postures give shape to the body, which keep people returning to every session after looking in the mirror. Unlike weight lifting and recreational sports which were developed much later in human civilization yoga continues to beautify the body, mind and soul simultaneously with each pose.

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