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Imagine you are gliding through the still blue ocean, surrounded by your family and friends. Suddenly, a loud booming sound breaks through the peaceful underworld. Before you know It, you have been herded Into a bay and sealed off from the free world. You watch and Walt as others are picked and plucked from the water; they are the “lucky’ ones. Next thing you know, a metal rod has pierced your spine, Instantly paralyzing you but not yet killing you. You are then tied to a boat by your feet and dragged through, struggling for breath and slowing drowning.

The last thing you see and feel is a blade slicing through your body, spilling out the contents as you drift into eternal darkness. Shocking as it may be, this becomes a harsh reality for many helpless dolphins swimming the Tail waters. Tail is a small town located in Japan that plays host to the very cruel and inhumane slaughtering of dolphins.

Every year from September to April the Tacit Dolphin Drive takes place and brutally strips hundreds of dolphins of their lives while others are captured and exported to aquariums all around the world.

In 1987, one year after the International whaling commission placed a ban on whaling, the number of dolphins slaughtered tripled. To this day, It Is estimated that an astounding 23 000 dolphins are killed every year In Japan. The slaughtering of the dolphins Is carried out using very cruel methods. Dolphins are acoustic animals meaning they are sensitive to sound; it Is how they collect their information.

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The Japanese use this to their advantage and exploit their sensitivity and by whacking metal pipes along the sides of their boats, creating a loud, thundering sound.

Dolphin Eternal Darkness

This creates a barrier of sound and drives them towards the bay as they attempt to escape the fearful noise, marking the beginning of a long and torturous process. The dolphins are sealed in the bay by a net, blocked off from the open water. They are then left overnight to “calm down”. The next morning the fishermen return, this time with dolphin trainers. These trainers then select a few dolphins, primarily female bottlenecks, and take them away to be exported to aquariums all around the world.

The many remaining dolphins are left to face their doom. I will not scar you with the terrible details that I discovered but I will say this: no one should know the feeling of being drowned, paralyses and sliced open. Their reasoning behind this carnage is for meat. Due to being unable to kill whales, the fishermen will harvest the dolphin meat and present it as whale. Not only is this illegal but it is also highly dangerous. Hundreds of test results have proven dolphin meat to be full of mercury, a substance highly toxic to humans.

Some of these readings have even shown 5000 times more than the advised limit, clearly showing he health risks involved such as loss of vision and hearing. The general public is completely unaware of these levels and are oblivious to health problems it may cause. This is highly irresponsible of the officials behind this business. No good can come from consuming this meat. I bet you’re wondering what happens to the so- called lucky ones I mentioned before. They are primarily female Bootlessness dolphins that have been capture and sold to aquariums for shows and displays; to be ogled at by people who are oblivious to the truth.

Dolphins are not designed for captivity; It Is a whole new suffering for them. They are born for a free world and it is only in the they are able to choose whether they live or die. Unlike us, dolphins are able to control their breathing; they can stop it in an instant, condemning themselves to death, a fate more desirable than captivity. This is not uncommon for captive dolphins yet so very few are aware of incidents like these as they are swept under the radar. However, one man, Rice Barry, spoke out about his own personal one-on- one experience.

Best known as the trainer for dolphins featured in flipper and the creator to captive dolphin industry, Barry tells us of the saddening day when “Flipper” star Kathy swam into his arms and died. She was miserable in captivity and committed suicide. It was then that Barry realized the effects of captivity on dolphins and he has since been working to break the industry he created, a step which many others are encouraged to take. Tail is the largest supplier of live dolphins in the world and it is this trade that ultimately fuels the dolphin drive as hey can fetch up to $150 000 opposed to a dead one at only $600.

It is for this reason that the dolphin captures are creating the largest slaughter of dolphins on the planet. Without the captures the slaughter industry cannot survive. They both go hand in hand, both are immoral and if we end one we end the other. The killing season has already begun; dolphins are suffering right this very second. The procedures taken out are harsh and inhumane and no living creature should have to endure the torture and capture that these dolphins face. Change has to come, it is time for action.

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