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System Design and Analysis Presentation Paper

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Paper type: Analysis , Subject: Website Design

A Project proposal on An Information System solution for [name of the system] By: [List of Names:Id No] Background [Include a mission statement if available. If no formal mission statement exists, create a proposed mission statement based on what you know about the organization. List organization/business goals, values/objectives/critical success factors. If written material is available from your source, use it with attribution. If none is available, say so and list your best guess at what they would be, based on information you have obtained.

If company reports, brochures or websites exist with this information, include those documents in the workbook and simply refer to them. Do not waste time rewriting material that is readily available. Describe the organization type (business, government, non-profit), industry (retail, manufacturing, professional services, etc. ), a description of product and/or services, and customers (internal and external). Provide a brief history, including years in operations.

Describe size, by whatever measures are appropriate: total revenues, employees, profits, size relative to industry or competitors, etc. (use estimates if necessary, but identify them as such. Include significant history, growth, decline or reorganization. Compare or contrast with the organization’s industry if relevant. Include management expectations for future changes and/or growth, significant competitive threats and significant opportunities, if any. Discuss potential impact of government regulations and/or economic changes.

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Characterize employees by experience, skills and attitude if possible. If employee turnover or difficulty in hiring skilled employees is an issue, say so. ). If transactions are involved, describe them by volume, seasonality, complexity, uniformity or whatever other characteristics are appropriate. If you find additional information not already listed that helps to understand the organization, include it. This part has to do with the listings of the major business activities of the organization under question. Include an organization chart.

It is not necessary to list names unless key individuals need to be identified. The goal should be to understand the organization’s structure and key stakeholders. Note that the organization structure is sometimes considered a private internal document. Diagrams plus supporting text. Provide a high level generalized description of the existing system you are to study. Describe the significant subsystems that are within the scope of your study, their inter-relationships, dependencies, and interfaces to each other and to the environment.

This diagram will be reviewed to ensure the scope of your study is not too broad. And, the particular problems identified so that the new system that you are thinking of can handle] Chapter Two The Existing System Describe the project briefly, including the scope and the expected outcome. How many people/workstations would access the system? How many might be accessing it concurrently? List the business objectives (the business reasons for doing the project). For each objective, explain the following: Describe the objective. Is this a new or existing objective?

If new, does it enhance any existing objectives? Support new ones? Does it replace or contradict any previous objectives? Explain how. Does it add any value, business or other, such as improved service; cost reduction, improved data access? Explain. Why does this project need to be addressed at this time? What other projects, if any, are dependent upon the completion of this one? Chapter Three The Proposed Solution Describe potential solutions, if any were discussed. What business functionality was discussed, but excluded from this project?

What client resources will be available for analysis and design? What are the time constraints—include earliest possible start date, required completion date, business cycles that affect testing, training, or implementation? (Optional) List any known technology constraints. Recommended Resources: Suggest one or two people to represent your department in the preliminary planning phase of this project. The preliminary planning team should include a high-level representative (project sponsor) and one or more people who actually use the processes included in this project.

Rough Cost Estimate: Estimate the (actual) size of the project, in light of manpower and time. Based on the size of the project, estimate the minimum and maximum cost of the project. Note: Project scheduling tools (as in Microsoft Project or System Architect) could be used if available. Group members will work on requirements determination; phase II of the project, once the proposal is approved by the instructor. ———————– Submitted to: The Department of Applied Computer Science City University College December 2010

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