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Syria essay Essay

A Snapshot of Syria Syria Is located In Southeast Asia. It borders Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, and Lebanon. Damascus Is the capital. Damascus Is one of the oldest Inhabited communities In the Middle East. It was established in the third period B. C. And was the center of handcraft goods. Syria occupies about 185,180 square kilometers (71 ,498 square miles). It’s industry includes petroleum, textiles, food processing, and farming. Syrians climate is semi-arid but it differs between east and west. The terrain is largely desert tit mountains found in the east. South of the Coastal Mountain Range is a narrow corridor called the Homo Gap, which allows easy passage from the coast to Syrians Interior. The Homo Gap has been a pathway for traders and Invading armies for centuries” (YMMV 17). The country has long, hot summers and short, mild winters. Rainfall in the west varies between 29-39 inches each year and inland 4-10 inches. Most of the fertile land is near the coastline, making it a more agricultural part of Syria supplies almost all of its own food needs due to its productive soil. The Syria. Rectitude Includes wheat, barely, cotton, and lentils. Wheat is their main crop. The ferule soil has a big Impact on their exported goods such as fruits, vegetables, and cotton fiber, cotton fiber being a very important product. Cotton Is so vital to Syria that every year they have a festival to celebrate current and future harvests. During the festival people even make loud noises pretending to keep the locust away. These festivals are held at the end of the growing season. Syrians population is about 22 million. Arabic is the official language and is spoken by 75% of the population.

Other languages Include: Kurdish, Armenian, Airmail, Circadian, and a little French and English. Another form of communication Is exaggerated gestures toward others. If you are meeting an elder, or talking to a friend many hand motions are used. It’s a cultural way of communicating. Even men kiss each other on the cheek as big welcoming or saying hello. Public displays of affection are very common. About three quarters of the people in Syria are literate. The currency is the Syrian pound. The religions in Syria consist of Sunnis, Latest, Drupe, other Muslim groups, and Christianity.

Sunnis Muslim Is practiced by 74% of Syrians people. Most of their celebrations relate to their religious beliefs. One celebration Is Ramadan. During this time Muslims must fast all day. In the evening they join together for one meal called fifth. Throughout the month of Ramadan they must take time to pray and reflect. “Did-al-Fit, which means ‘breaking of the fast,’ marks the end of Ramadan” (“Syria” 10). On special occasions and holidays food is very important. Alcohol is rarely drunk because of some Islamic faiths, which forbid it. Tea as well as soda and milk are common beverages.

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Popular fruits include dates, figs, plums, and watermelon. Lamb Is very popular but most people can’t afford It often because It’s so expensive. Instead they have what they call hall cooking, which is a preparation of pork and other meats. Wealthier families tend to have chicken/lamb with rice and attain or ground pasta. Syrian music consists of classic Arabian music. It is often played on an odd, which is an old string instrument similar to the lute and frequently accompanied by small drums, and flutes. Islam forbids people to create art with humans or animals. Handcraft along with other metal work.

C. Syria was home to the Elba Kingdom. Later the Persians in 500 B. C. Conquered it and then the Greeks in 333 B. C. The Ottoman Empire took control in 1516. It was broken up during WWW and Syria was taken over by the French until 1946 when they took their independence. Recently Syria has been in a civil war between its own, long-term government and the people. The president Basher al-Sad took reign after his father, Hafiz al-Sad, died in 2000. His family (Sad) has been in power since 1971. The government has made making empty promises about economic and political reforms.

In 2011 there was an incident involving some students who painted anti-regime graffiti. This act was not one of violence but the government punished them severely. The teens were arrested, tortured and some killed. This prompted protests throughout the country from citizens of all ages and religions. Later the Free Syrian Army (FSP) was created amongst locals and militias. The militias included tribal groups, deserters from the government’s military and affected Syrian locals. The President responded to the rebellion with more violence.

His actions have been ‘severely criticized by nations around the world, including most Arab countries” (YMMV 55). The civil war has been destructive, shocking, and demoralizing to a nation. Many people have been killed in car bombs and other acts of violence. While some soldiers were executing citizens other soldiers were themselves executed for taking a stand against orders. Over 100,000 citizens have died violent deaths as a result of this unrest. There has even been strong evidence that the government has used chemical weapons against their own people.

Sad’s father led the country as a cruel dictator for nearly thirty years. In 2000 things looked promising when his young son took power. Now, however it is evident that Basher al-Sad is following in his father’s footsteps. Intimidation, harsh crack downs and overreacting to peaceful protests have escalated the civil war to a bitter battle. Thousands of citizens have fled to seek safety of nearby Turkey and other countries. It’s unfortunate that a place so rich in culture and history has so little hope for resolving their crisis. “Syrians future remains uncertain”.

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