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Survival Guide for Finishing School Paper

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Finishing school can be one of the most trying times in a person’s life.  There is so much to finish up and so many final projects to complete in addition to all of the required coursework already assigned for classes.  Many students have to work while they attend school, so that adds to the already hectic and complicated schedule that students have.  Non traditional students also have the added responsibility of a family.  However, every student can finish school if armed with a plan.  I have already prepared my survival guide for finishing my schooling.I know that the last term of school is going to demand a lot from me, possibly more than anything ever has in my life; therefore, the first step in preparing myself for a successful completion to my schooling is acceptance.  I must accept that this task is not going to be easy and that I am going to have to work very hard for a very long time to achieve this goal.  I must accept that my instructors are going to have certain expectations of me, and that in order to do well, I need to fulfill their expectations and put forth my full effort into my work.  I need to accept that I am responsible for my own work; no one else can answer for me.  I must complete my projects on time or my grades will feel the effects.  I also must accept that this is something that I have to do.  If I do not, I will not finish my schooling the way I need to – successfully.  Accepting this responsibility is the first step in finishing my schooling.After I have accepted that finishing my education is my own responsibility and that I must work at it and make it a priority in my life, I must make some lifestyle changes.  I don’t have to neglect all of my friends or stop hanging out or partying with my friends, but I do have to prioritize.  School work needs to come before friends during the week, and if we have extra time on the weekends, then that is when I will kickback and have some fun.  Another thing I must do is make a few slight adjustments in my diet.  Eating breakfast will benefit me immensely.  Eating more healthy snacks and meals will help me to increase my energy level and keep my mind sharp.With a few very minor but beneficial lifestyle adjustments, I am ready to tackle the last quarter of my schooling head on.  Time management skills are imperative at this stage.  By allowing myself adequate time every day to eat and take care of myself, I will be better able to handle the other tasks that need attention, such as my school work.  Having the appropriate supplies no hand.  If I am missing learning materials, I will not be getting everything I need from the lesson.  There are only so many hours in a day, and I don’t need to spend any of them trying to make up for lost time.  I will need to schedule study time into my days in order to keep my work a priority and to stay on task and with projects.Managing my time wisely also means not procrastinating on my assignments.  If an assignment is given and I have a week to complete it, I should begin with initial preparation of the assignment immediately and try to make a schedule where I can devote a little time every day to the project so I am not stressing and hurrying to complete it the night before the project is due.I also cannot underestimate the possible complexity of an assignment, so I must be sure to give myself a window of extra time for unforeseen challenges or changes that I may want to make.  If I am having difficulty with my work, I can utilize the library to find sources or a quiet place to work.  There are online resources that I can utilize as well.Perhaps the most valuable result of alleducation is the ability to make yourself dothe thing you have to do, when it ought tobe done, whether you like it or not.- Walter Bagehot (Clemson)Because of the pressure of the last quarter of school, I could very easily become stressed out; therefore it is essential to keep the lines of communication open with my support system so that they know my needs and can help me along the way.  My instructors are also very valuable resources, as they know the demands of college requirements and can help with coping techniques, deadline extensions, or provide other helpful advice and techniques to help me complete my work successfully.Many students lose sight of their studies as they are faced with the light at the end of the tunnel.  The anticipation of graduation and freedom can cloud judgment.  Pre-celebratory partying can get out of control.  Projects can become unimportant or seem insignificant.  I have to remember that they are not.  Employers and future admission counselors will be looking at how I handled my final quarter and the grades that I received, so it is imperative to not lose focus because the end is near.One way to stay on top of my studies is to make sure that I maintain good study habits.  As schooling progresses year after year, some things become common practice, such as studying and reading, so it is important not to become lazy in these areas, which hinders learning.  Taking good notes and analyzing and organizing those notes so that they are easy to follow and understand is also good practice.Online classes can be easy to neglect, and I hope that I never find myself neglecting my duties as a student.  I know that college is not easy, and it gets more and more difficult when the end is near; however, I have put too much time and effort into my studies so far and I have high hopes for my future; therefore, my studies are very important to me.I know that I need to accept that I am solely responsible for my education, that I need to work until my studies are complete and do the best job possible with all of my assignments.  I also know that I need to utilize online libraries or public libraries to find my resource materials necessary for some of my projects.By keeping my support system close and informed, I have a better chance of success and I work to keep my life organized and to stay prepared for my studies.  I will try not to get sidetracked and will relax when I need to in order to avoid burnout.College is a very difficult venture, and I expect to finish strong.

Survival Guide for Finishing School

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