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Darwinessays Essay

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In a village; which is deserted far away from the main city, had a tragic news which buzzed around the village. The village was well known for its big ball of string made by a woman. It was heartbreaking for everyone to lose one of the famous artifact. This tragic was no ordinary accident, it was all set up. A non compose mentis lit the ball with gasoline in a silenced star night. The day broke out and a young man was standing near the unfortunate tragic. His name is Chris. Chris was an only child who lost his parents at early age. The village wasn’t very favorable to Chris nor did he favor the neighbors.

To consult about the further deed, all the people in the town were invited in a school gym. Different opinions struck through the gym about the ball but no one had agreed on the ideas so the meeting was postponed till the inspectors found some evidence. Chris’ silence broke when his childhood friend (Tank) dashed in with his wife (Meal). Tank was very disturbed about the event. Suddenly another person came to the conversation between Chris, Tank, and Meal. It was Buddy. Chris and Buddy never got along from grade school. Chris was a loner in a simple term.

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He never liked anyone from the village besides a young girl named Claire. Chris had affection about Claire which he cannot express. Every night Chris would wonder off to the park which was located very close to Claimer’s house. He would stare right through her window from a distinctive space and watch her change and or her working out. The only problem about Claim was that most of the night Chris would see a man walk out of her house, even Tank. This gave Chris a hypothesis that Claire Is a prostitute. Although Tank Is married, he Is like the person who would have sex with anyone besides man.

After a week the police found some clues and called all the citizens to the same gym again. The police started talking about how the ball was set on fire and he referred the man who was up to this a loner, unhappy, perhaps a serious associative disorder. Perhaps a delusion? A man In the crowd broke the silence by saying “Someone like our Chris” then the gym echoed In laughter and suddenly It all became quiet. Another person In the crowd asked ‘Yeah Chris where were you at that night? ” Chris became red hot and Claire tried to calm him down. Then he stood up and darted to giggle.

He told everyone that he was the person who destroyed the ball because he hated It. HIS mother made the ball and the chemicals used to make the ball were very toxic which had killed her mother right at the finishing. Due to his mother’s death, Chris’ old man started taking booze and found dead for over does of alcohol consumption. And he was very proud about how he made all the people come together about some bullish stuff. At the end of Chris’ speech, all the audience stared at him Like he was mentally challenged which Chris didn’t believe.

At that point Chris gave up on the whole damn world. Summery of Anarchist of Darwin By Naif-Naifs Chris a hypothesis that Claire is a prostitute. Although Tank is married, he is like the disorder. Perhaps a delusion? A man in the crowd broke the silence by saying “Someone like our Chris” then the gym echoed in laughter and suddenly it all became quiet. Another person in the crowd asked anemia Chris where were you at that night? ” because he hated it. His mother made the ball and the chemicals used to make the At the end of Chris’ speech, all the audience stared at him like he was mentally.

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The following sample is written by Matthew who studies English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan. All the content of this paper is his own research and point of view on Darwinessays and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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