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My Lucy friend who smells like corn is a story of a girl named Lucy. The narrator who was the friend of Lucy smells Lucy like a corn. She smells like corn because she is always in the street during daytime. The narrator described the life of Lucy and her family. Lucy’s family has a simple life – sometimes rich but most of the time, they are poor but they are happy. Lucy has a big family; she has her parents and many siblings.

There was a time when the arms of Lucy had scars and her nail fell off but she remained strong and she did not cry. The narrator saw her face and the narrator knew that Lucy was brave enough to conquer her problems and pains.

Seeing the life of Lucy and her family, the narrator also wanted to be like Lucy – having simple life, simple dreams even if they have problems and pains, having so many siblings but they were happy, and most of all, to be smelled like corn.

Eleven is about the story of a girl who wanted to feel a new life because she turned eleven. She wanted change on the way he is treated – her actions, her situations, and her environment but she felt that she was just the same as she was younger. The narrator also described her actions and situations while she was younger, which she do not want to be treated that way again for she knew that was already old.

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She does not want to sit on the lap of her mother and she does not want to cry for it was the actions of younger children and she was not part of them anymore.

When she went to school, she thought that people would get in touch with her to greet her happy birthday but it was the opposite. Her teacher saw an ugly jacket in the room, she asked her class who owns the jacket but almost everyone denied. One girl said that it was the narrator’s jacket but the narrator denied it because it was too ugly and it smells bad but the teacher also thinks that it was her so she gave it to her but still, the narrator denied. The narrator felt awkward and wanted to become a child again for she wanted to cry and ran through her mother but she cannot.

It was a story of a boy named Salvador who has no friends or acquaintances. His life has full of misery, pain, and struggle. He used to take good care of his younger sisters and brothers for he wanted them to look good even if it was the opposite of his appearance. He helped his mother as best as he cold even if most of the time, his help was not enough and sometimes brought terrible things to them. Salvador does not want his family especially his brothers and sisters to be treated like him. His pain, struggles, and problems could not be seen through his eyes but it was seen through his body that contains wounds and scars of pains and sorrows.

The story is about a little child who used to observe everything around. She was happy when her father asked her to go to the lobby of the movie house because her father does not want her to see the sexual scenes. The narrator does not really understand those things but she knew what is happening that she needs to go to the lobby. Rather than going to the lobby, she chooses to go to the women’s bathroom to observe it – do some tic-tac-toe using a lipstick or she also went to the candy counter to buy some food for herself.

Her family loves to watch movies especially Mexican movies and though it was not that beautiful. They just stayed on their seats and soon get sleep. After the movie, their parents will carry her and her sister and bring them home. Even if it was a long night for them, when they get to bed, they feel happy.

The story is about the two characters where the narrator is the first and her friend was the second. The narrator described the dress of her doll and the doll of her friend. The narrator illustrated carefully and thoroughly all the necessary characteristics of her doll and her friend’s doll but as she looks at it, she realized that the eyes of her friend’s doll are eyes of a boy. Because of this, she made the doll a boy, which was Ken. The narrator also reminisce their experience last Christmas as they received new Barbie clothes and the narrator was looking forward for next Christmas.

The narrator then started to illustrate their experiences while walking at the Maxwell street; but still she was still thinking about the clothes of her doll – where and how to buy due to shortage of budget.

The narrator ended the story in a generalization of buying toys and its physical characteristics as damaged but she imposed that even if such cases like this are done, there is still a fire sale at the Maxwell street.

Mericans is about the story of an awful grandmother who used to pray always at the church. The narrator observed the awful grandmother as a righteous woman that made him also righteous. When the narrator went inside the church and look at the saints, he also somehow feels like a saint.

The narrator narrates his observations inside and outside the church that made him realized the purpose of the people in the church. Aside from the church itself, the narrator observed the saint of the church, which is La Virgen de Guadalupe that gives miracle to people. The narrator’s brother also observed the whole place as he also imagined himself as a flying feather dancer who danced for the birthday of the Virgen.

As the narrator goes on with his observations, he saw the awful grandmother praying hard for the people she loved. The day ended with these scenes and opened for nightlife to make people alive as they celebrate the birthday of their patron saint.

Tepeyac is a story of a man named Abuelito. The narrator narrates her observations and encounter with Abuelito. In the first part of the story, the narrator described the physical characteristics of the place but she just illustrated the people of Tepeyac, which she focused then. While walking and observing people, the narrator saw Abuelito smoking in a dark place with only one dark light bulb lighting on his face. The narrator went to Abuelito’s side and observed him first but then she started holding his hand. Feeling the emotions of Abuelito as he remained silent. Like having an intimate relationship, the narrator and Abuelito walked around the basilica. After a long walk, they found out that they were near the house of the narrator. The narrator’s house is in La Fortuna with a number 12 but it was already sold. Before they can go to the main door, they have walk to the square steps of the grass. They both started to count but while counting, they were also thinking of their experiences and shared it to one another. The story ends with the thought of the narrator to Abuelito’s situation that seemed to be forgotten by their community without any name.

One holy night is the story of a girl who is ignored by the people around her. She always felt that people see her as nothing but a vendor even if she has something to give. She was very much in love with a boy named Chaq Uxmal Paloquin. This boy made her life colorful but there was a time when this boy vanished from her eyes. The narrator waited for so long until she found someone named Boy Baby, her heart says that he was her Chaq but it was very different, he was just an ignorable person for it has his own world and speaks a different language people could not understand. However, even if it was the case of Boy Baby, the narrator still wanted to be with him and loved him dearly.

One night, Boy Baby asked the narrator to accompany him in his place. Boy Baby showed his weapons to the narrator and asked her to stay quiet about what she saw. After that, they make love. The narrator was very happy with her experience. She thought of the women who do not want to talk about their experiences for it was sacred. When she got home, her older sister asked her pushcart – the cart that she is using when selling cucumber. She does not know what to do so she made a story. Her sister believed her but eventually, the true story emerged because one of their neighbors saw the narrator and Boy Baby going to Esparza and Sons every night, it was Boy Baby’s place. Abuelita, the narrator’s sister asked her the truth and she said everything except of one thing.

One day, when she found out that she was pregnant, her sister cried a lot and blamed all men. Because of this, they started to find the Boy Baby. After a long time, they found out that Boy Baby was not Chaq that the narrator was referring to. He was already thirty-seven years old and a poor man with no Mayan blood unlike Chaq. The narrator was very disappointed but she still pursues her pregnancy. In the end, she still wanted to have five kinds – 2 boys, 2 girls, and one baby.

This is about a young girl who narrates her tocaya, Patricia Benavidez because it was gone for three days. Everyone thought that she was dead that the narrator described Patricia as a girl who came back from the dead.

Patricia Benavidez was said as the “son” of the father and son’s Taco place no.2 for she inherited this restaurant. However, despite of all the good things that happened to Patricia the narrator still used exaggerated words to described her.

The narrator also described the feelings of the people especially Patricia’s family and their school. She also attached an article from the newspaper about Patricia according to the news Patricia is 13 and been missing since November 11, 5 feet tall, weighting around 115 lbs, etc.

The narrator was angry with Patricia but she was also jealous with her. She knew that Patricia was not good inside and out, for she knew some secrets of Patricia. Patricia also liked the boy that the narrator also liked that is why her anger became double. When Patricia was found, she as not happy even if almost everyone are crying for Patricia and she also wanted Patricia not to be found anymore.

This story is about the life of a couple named Juan Pedro Martinez Sanches and Cleofilas Enriqueta De Leon Hernandez. In the first part of the story, the narrator described the preparation of the wedding; it was elaborated thoroughly from the flowers, food, up to the dresses. They depend on the outfit of the characters in the telenovelas, Cleofilas relate her life to this fictional novel that make her weaker and pitiful. Juan Pedro is a very busy person, so he wanted to get married as soon as possible because she cannot leave his job for a long time. After they get married, they had children and had their own home but like other couples, they had problems. That sometimes made them weak and broken.

Cleofilas usually goes to social gatherings and she used to encounter women who are much stronger than she is and all she can do is act like an innocent woman.

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