Subculture Essay

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To start the article, it is necessary to learn thoroughly the meaning of the word culture. From where did this word come? Basically, ‘Culture’ is a word, which means civilization, and where there is a civilization, there is a group of people living together in the form of communities belonging to different castes.

Culture is a word derived from the Latin word cultura, which means to cultivate. Cultivation here can be taken in different meanings. However, this does not only mean the cultivation of fertile lands but the real in depth meaning to this meaning is to cultivate a society by forming unity among the people. When we talk about culture, many things are produced from its formation. Not only from this word but the system also rises in the human body that cells make up tissues, tissues make up muscles.

The same system is with every innovation of human being. Same as that whenever we talk about culture, after defining it the second thing that comes in the mind is society. Society finds its way from the creation of culture, its norms or mores and traditions. But here the question arises that what do we need to create a better society? Only culture? If only culture, then what is so efficient fact in culture that it is a key to create a society? The answer is very simple.

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To create a society it is necessary to create traditions and mores. When we create our traditions and mores, we name it culture. Through the creation of traditions and mores culture come into existence however people believe in their so called man made beliefs and this leads towards the creation of a society. Before society it is a necessary step to discuss some detail about mores and traditions. Tradition too is a Latin word known as traditio. The help of Latin words produces most of the words of the English language. According to most common definitions of tradition, it is a man made word meaning of beliefs which are created by man. Man made his own limitations, gods, goddesses, religions and traditions. Some restrict themselves in the limitations of their cultures or traditions however many of them use their policy of ignorance towards these beliefs. Besides creating all these laws and traditions, one more thing that arises for the betterment of people are mores.

Subculture Essay

Mores direct the people towards the good deeds and it clears the concept of right and wrong from the minds of people. To establish a society it is necessary to produce new and advanced mores in which there should be a strict law and order and society should be based on the basis of facts, not on those beliefs, which are created by the human beings themselves. Mores can build a society and mores can also play an important role in the destruction of the society. It has been learned that nothing is perfect in this world. Everything has negative and positive aspects., but it depends on our mentality that what we want to do because it is like an example that positive side of a magnet always attract the negative side and the negative one attracts the positive side.

It has been proved that people find their ways towards the mores of their own will. When they think enjoying their negative activities, then they have no space for the betterment of the state, country o city in which they reside. However, the main point here is that who is the main culprit behind the creation of such negative aspects in the society? May be it is the society itself who blame their own people when they are doing something wrong. It has been well said, “Society prepares the crime, and the criminal commits it”. In this phrase some faults of the society have been highlighted as well as the faults of the people also have been highlighted who are so weak by mind in an innovative era that they are making no use of their minds. All of the above statements clarify that it is the society who’s negative and positive affects lead the minds of the people towards destruction. We see many flaws in our society when we observe it closely. Nowadays, with the information boom all blame for corrupting young minds lies heavily on the shoulders of the media.

This isn’t so; people don’t get corrupt surfing the net or watching television. These media offer a wide variety of options, so why is it that our youth forgoes the positive aspects of the media and tends to go absorb the negative effects? I feel that our youth is intelligent enough to understand what is good and what is harmful for them. Education, shelter, health, freedom of expression, security of people, democratic norms, and justice are the basis of every civilized society. But unfortunately what we find in our society are lies, illiteracy, poverty and injustice. These negative aspects of society that most people experience force them on to the path of corruption and thus being frustrated by their circumstances they are attracted towards different vices. If we want to develop our nation it is important that our youth are educated and have ample opportunities to channelize their energies in a positive direction.

Parents should encourage their child’s creativity and must provide them with opportunities to exercise their individuality in a free environment. This will help children grow into healthy, intelligent beings who understand that they have a right to their ideas but they cannot impose their ideas on someone else. This will breed an atmosphere of tolerance and will provide the country with stability. Besides this, more facilities for sports and recreation must be provided so that the youth don’t waste their time in front of the Internet or television. We must also provide them with jobs so that they become financially stable and must follow merit while doing so, so that the right people get the right jobs. This will give way to more opportunities and clear the way for a better economy, which will give us a better way of life.

Men are so inclined to content themselves with what is commonest; the spirit and the senses so easily grow dead to the impressions of the beautiful and perfect, that every one should study, by all methods, to nourish in his mind the faculty of feeling these things. For this reason, one ought every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words. (“Learning Commons”)

We must also encourage our youth to hold on to their traditions and values. We must move ahead but we must never forget our basis and who we are. Here the parents must tell the children about their traditions and must make sure that even though they move ahead on to the path of innovation they do not forget their culture and identity.

In this article I have defined culture, mores traditions and ethical values but not a specific country and its culture. Here, I have taken the UK as a country.

The United Kingdom is a part of Europe. But here to know the subculture of the UK, it is necessary to understand what subculture is. Culture is a civilized society of people based on man made mores, ethics traditions and customs. Then what subculture is? How it is created and what are the factors behind its creation? Subculture can be simply defined as different small cultures of different lobbies created in a single culture made by the people. Every lobby is a subculture made by the supporters of the required criteria. However according to web definitions sub culture can be defined as “A social group with shared characteristics that distinguish it in some way from the larger cultural group or society in which it is embedded. Generally, a subculture is distinguished either by a unifying set of ideas and/or practices (such as the corporate culture or the drug culture) or by some demographic characteristic (such as the adolescent culture or the culture of poverty)”. (Human Diversity in Education)

Subculture now has been thoroughly defined but I would clear the European subculture. Subcultures are made from cultures and every subculture has an effect on itself of its own culture. In almost all Western countries even Europe the culture is same. Drinking, nightlife and pre-marital relationships are common in these sorts of countries. Here the people who form their own subcultures take almost every aspect that they think would be helpful in creating their own subcultures. Subcultures have their own classes and kinds.

The teenagers create youth subcultures and they are the people who form different subcultures from their traditional culture. Every people in the European society create its own subculture like gays. Gays are considered as a shameful part of the society. So when they feel degraded among other normal people of their society, they thought to gather some of the people of their gay community and created their own gay subculture. In all of this many people like this who feel neglected or the ones who feel that they are given more importance in the society make their groups of the specific name or kind of which they are creating their subcultures. In these subcultures, they are restricted to promote their subcultures and follow all the rules and should abide by the followers of the subculture. Now let us discuss the factors of European sub cultures Drinking, Nightlife, Pubs, Discos, Clubs and other heinous activities such as drugs, smuggling and murdering are a part of European culture.

This has been a conflicting situation for the philosophers who study the sub cultures of their nations. In Europe the activities, which are considered vulgar in the third world countries, are the culture of western countries. People of western countries think these actions as a part of their culture but in third world countries, these activities are termed as offensive or improper. The people and youth of the western countries recognize the thinking of these under developed countries as backward but many of them think in an entirely different way. The European countries have become so advanced in the world that in all aspects they do not bear anybody’s comments on the way of their dressing. In contrast, people who live in the Asian Countries don’t like their living style only because of their own culture. They say that people who wear body-revealing clothes and think it as a fashion are wrong because in the Stone Age people did not know how to cover their bodies.

They comment that why are we called advanced? What is the reason behind this advancement, which is only leading towards the Stone Age and is so backward that we cannot differentiate between right and wrong? In Europe, teenage drinking is highly neglected by the parents. Teenagers are very bad there. This term or this sentence is very easy to say but no one is ready to understand the factors behind the destruction of these small teenaged kids.

All of us know the importance of parents in our life. Parents can create their children on the path of creativity and talent while most of them can destruct their children in a very bad manner. Howsoever, none of the parents want to destruct their children but in the love of money making and their social gatherings they pay no heed to their children and when they get through these destructive subcultures, they are always present to gift a slap to them instead of instructions. This attitude of parents towards their children is not at all neglecting one and they should be punished for not giving correct guidance to their children and when they are fully destructed they go to solve their problems by the means of slaps. Has anybody ever recognized or observed that why teenagers build up their minds towards these subcultures? No, because nobody in this world has the time to guide another person. People who guide the teenagers are so rude that they do not understand instructions and act misbehaving. This is not entirely the fault of the youth but the elders who are not there when we are in the nned of strong guidance can only regret this error.


At last, I would conclude that the rising subcultures in the European or else societies are many times positive while sometimes can be destructive too but this cannot be solved through the slaps and scold. These subcultures are somewhere the reflection of the culture created by the people and which is also highly and strongly abided by them. Then why are they against the creation of their youngsters or their subcultures? This should be cleared that every generation represents the mistakes and is the reflection of the activities done by the people of past. So in that not only teenagers should be scolded instead they should be made to realize how to lead a prosperous life by studying the mistakes of their elders.

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