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The acceptance of birth control or sterilization with the purpose is eradicating disease or other debilitating medical issues, might be urged in different angles by different people or societies. For example some may urgue in preference of the individual autonomy, while others will urgue in favour of the communities or societies benefits.Forced sterilization and birth control methods, is an ideal that steamed up from the existing diseases and medical issues.

This idea was brought about to cater for several situations .One of them being the phenomena of HIV/AIDS, which was threatening to wipe population in various parts of the world. Using this method was thought to prevent its spread since it is sexually transmitted. Not only HIV/AIDS but also other venereal like gonorrhea, and syphilis. Other medical situations believed to have resulted to development the idea of forced sterilizations is existence of diseases related to reproduction system, threatening the women’s or men’s lives.

Forced birth control and sterilization as a method serving the purpose of eradicating disease  or other debilitating medical issues is acceptable since though a few in the society will lose their reproductive autonomy, many are its benefits to the society . Some of the benefits of this method is preventing of spread venereal disease like HIV/AIDS.

By use of birth control methods like condoms ensure that the spread of sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis and others.

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The population will be ensured of safety from the venereal diseases. A health society is able to work hand in all economic sectors, including agriculture and business. This way the countries economy is guaranteed of improvementsAnother advantage is avoiding misery to innocent and blameless young children. For example in  case where someone who is HIV/AIDS positive, the child live a miserable and expensive life. Since human life is precious and can not be disposed before the maker claims it. The family and the society in general may use a lot of money to maintain the live of such a child.In cases where the involved persons life is in danger, forced to abort inorder to safe her life,is advantageous to the society as well as to herself, since the society population is saved from reduction . Other health problems that may result to sterilization are cases where the individual has got a disease related to reproductive system. A good example is when the individual is suffering either ovarian and uterian cancer. It may result to sterilization the effort safe such as a person’s life. In this case although the individual may lose his or her reproductive outonomy both the society and the individual benefit from it.

There are some cases where the family or an individuals have got long records of giving birth to children with certain medical problems, doctors may order a forced sterilization or forced birth controls to curb the spread of such a problem which is noted to be hereditary.Although the benefits of the forced sterilization and birth control to the society in comparison to the individuals reproductive autonomy are evident, it has been opposed by opponent thinkers who urgue that the personal individual outomy is important and should be followed and never to be forced at all. The urgument continues by indicating that it is an abuse of human right. It is women who use most of the birth control.Studies indicate that women are the major uses of birth control methods. It is also them who suffer from disease related to reproduct live systems like cancer though not confirmed.

So by imposing birth control methods is like abusing women right to decide whether  to use birth control methods or not. Also the decision of which method to use lies to her. By forcing them to objects with no right decision making concerning their body.Most of the birth control measures have side effects to the individual using them. Women who are the main users of the birth control methods as per the argument before and by being forced to use birth control measures exposes them to a lot of pain. A good example is a woman is sterilized for the reasons concerning her health, either eliminating or removing ovarian/uteri an cancer may develop other medical complications later in her life. For instance she might have an ectopic pregnancy (a situation where the fertilized egg attaches itself and grows outside the womb/ uterus,) which might require a closer medical attention and expensive at the some time.Being forced to use a condom as a way of preventing venereal diseases might also be costly to the society in terms of the population reduction. Although the primary purpose of using condoms in this case is to prevent spread of venereal diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV/AIDS at the same time, it prevents s conception.

Another reason that makes forced birth control and sterilization unacceptable is because it is used to discriminate women in the society. It is a system used by men to discriminate against them, this is according to CEDAW defination of violence to women since it involves imprisonment and punishment to those found violating its requirement i.e. the acceptance of birth control method and sterilization.The application of forceful birth control methods and sterilization is opposed, since it is seen to deny women access to information concerning different contraceptives, and also voluntary use without punishment or charges of offense.Although the individual’s autonomy is important, his /her health matters are important as well. Sometimes the individual’s health is important as compared to their freedom. A freedom to make decisions concerning their health might affect the society negatively.

For example in case where an individual who is a victim of HIV given the freedom to choose either to use birth control measures or not may end up making a decision not to use which might result to spread of HIV/AIDS to the society hence endangering the population growth and health.In conclusion the forced birth control or sterilization is acceptable if the purpose is to eradicate disease or other debilitating medical issues since although a few individuals in the society will lose the freedom to make decision over their reproductive systems the wider society will benefit greatly. Women who are victims of the lose freedom to their reproductive systems, the whole society benefit which is made up of men and other members who are either directly related to the women. Effort should be made to create awareness on why and how it is important use birth control method or sterilization. It is my argument that though the importance of sterilizing for the safety of one’s life, like in the case of removing ones ovaries to safe her life, is clearly seen by everyone the decision should be left to the person in question.  It should not be imposed on him or her but the opportunity should be offered to the victim to decide whether she/he wants it or not, whether she or he is ready to face the risks and the challenges or not. Venereal diseases in Iran: (2006) pp 260-278).In eradication of disease and other debilitating medical issue.

Create emphasis should be given to women whose violate the use of birth control method s and sterilization because ignorance and lack of information. This will avoid what is defined by CDWA as violation of women rightsThe effect of forced birth control measures or sterilization though negative at the beginning, produce positive long –lived results, promotion of health and economy of the country. These birth control measures or sterilization produce positive results hence worthy to be forced in cases where they are violated though against human freedom and rights. Awareness should be created about their importances in order to enhance voluntary use later, since can never understand their importance by imposing or forcing them along knowledge empowers. In order to make the policy of forced birth control methods or sterilization, women should be involved in the decision making since the issue touches on them directly; otherwise the policy will be resisted. For example preventing HIV/AIDs in the population.  It has been noted that Aids as a disease is wiping the world’s population at a very high speed, so it follows that everyone sees the dangers involved.  What should be done is creating awareness on the importance, and then the decision should be left to an individual.

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