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Stem Cells Made-to-Order Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Stem Cell Research

It was reported that scientists from South Korea under the leadership of Hwang had significantly contributed medical science by creating the first embryo from the stem cell. Therefore, the stem cell researches are advanced greatly, though they are still involved in lots of controversy in scientific area because of oppositely different viewpoints. Nevertheless, it is known that stem cells are able to become any type of a body cell and it is believed that many diseases such as spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease and many others will be treated. Stem cells are able to help even when cells in the body are irreparably damaged. Furthermore, scientists assert that stem cells are able even to withstand “rejection by the body’s immune system” and thus to make treatment more available.

The process used for embryo creating was called SCNT or somatic cell nuclear transfer. The first step of the process aimed at removing nuclei from egg cells. Those eggs were obtained by tearing making a small tear in the cell membrane. Microscopic tools were used as well to remove the nucleus. The next step aimed at inserting a skin cell into one of the patients and then fusing two cells with the purpose to cause dividing. Despite all difficulties, the process appeared to be successful and the first stem embryo was created.

Nevertheless, many critics consider cloning ethically incorrect and they claim no reason exists to create a human clone. Critics are worrying that embryo creating will result in increased efficiency stem cell production and many scientists will be thus tempted to repeat the experiment. It is though that the stem cell researches will lead to reproductive cloning and thus to laws violations. However, Hwang admitted that “such goals were the furthest thing from his mind”. Hwang even introduced the standing rule: no embryo is being developed for more than six days. It is apparent that Hwang and his scientific team managed to develop a unique method for creating stem cells. If stem cells were cloned from patients with genetic diseases, scientists would gain renewable sources of cells for further experiments.

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