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Statistics order 2 Essay Example Paper

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Statistics order 2 Essay Introduction

The article on Japans’ joblessness rates is given a clear heading. That, the 3.7% unemployment rate is the lowest in nine years is incorrect.  The 3.6% recorded in February of 1998, is much lower than 3.7% June.  If the June rate was the lowest, the rate should be less than 3.6%. The interpretation of the household spending rate gives readers clear understanding of why the rate is computed.  We have, however, not given the initial and final values to determine the accuracy of the said increment.  The lack of this information makes it impossible to gauge the margin by which the forecasted value was missed.  The article gives an explanation of why the Bank of Japan would raise the interest rate.  This informs the citizenly clearly what causes such major decisions in government.  The article in this respect serves its rightful purpose, explaining complex details in simple terms.The decrement in consumer price indices, 0.1, is not given measurement units.  Should it be 0.1% or what does 0.1 represent? But the article has explained what is included and excluded in the computation of the index.  On unemployment numbers, the article should have said number of people jobless.  Leaving it at just numbers may raise questions.  The report should give which quantities were measured, that is, people.  The increment and final values are given which ease consumers’ work of comparison.  Apart from these shortcomings, the article is very informative and has good flow.  The dates of the report are indicated, the report is for the month of June though the year should have been stated because comparison is done with results of another year.The article on college graduates salary scale is very well presented.  The article includes the sample size picked and the firm that did the survey.  Its always important for a research, study to be owned by somebody or some firm.  This gives readers a chance to follow up if they need more details.  The order is excellent as a good breakdown is given to every subtopic. A small table has been given used which informs the readers a lot just at a glance.  It would however have been better if the contents of the table were arranged with the highest improved salary group first.  It would be easier to follow than the way it was on the article.  It would also allow better comparison to be done.  There heading given is quite captivating, it catches the attention of readers.  The study is inferential since the results from a sample are used to generalize on the whole population.  The results suggest that all job group categories’ salaries had increased. (http://money.cnn.com/2007/04/04/pf/college/grads_salaries/index.htm?cnn=yes).The accuracy of the increments cannot be tested since initial salaries are not given, only the percentage increment is shown.  Such figures could easily have been included in the table.  Space may have been the problem but reporters should always remember that statistics should be to inform as much as possible even under constraints.  Effects of the results have been briefly but informatively discussed and thus shows the importance of the survey.On the article on mortgage applications, the flow of the results is poor.   The reporter was not keen enough as he repeated a statement.  This shows that the article was written in a hurry and more details could have been left out.  The study is a descriptive one since all applications constitute the population.  The report allows good comparison of previous and current values.In the article, explanation is offered for what is excluded in the computation of the 30 year mortgage rate.  It is explained also how the fall in the index value is affects business in the real world.  Another statement has been repeated with a little change of words but having the same meaning.  This further questions the reporter’s thoroughness in the presentation.  The reporter was just writing to fill up space, not to convey any worthwhile information.  Such reporting has made the report doubtful and readers could easily dismiss the whole of it!The accuracy of the results is also put in question.  The writer does not seem to have understood the report she/he read which resulted to giving insufficient information.  Such insufficient information is what causes a bad view of statistics.  No wonder then that the name of the reporter is missing.  The term ‘seasonality’, being statistical term, should be explained to the readers.  The effects of falling home prices on the mortgage companies has been well discussed.  This displays good use of statistical knowledge. Statistics should be used to describe why things are moving the way they are, for example, why are some mortgage companies being liquidated?  Answer is because of failing home prices.The report of GDP growth is well ordered.  It has the time frame given, the report is for the 2nd quarter but we are not told when that quarter begins or ends and when the last quarter began and ended.  The heading of the article is satisfactory as it gives readers enough information on what the articles is about.  The article is broken down into sub units and explanation as to how they affected to the GDP is given.  The PCE deflator is explained, that is, the composition used in its computation and the use to which it is put is mentioned.The forecast figures of the economists have been indicated giving readers the opportunity to evaluate the margins of error.  The reporter of this article managed to present very complicated information in understandable terms.  Matters of economic performance baffle many and simplification of these matters helped a lot.  The accuracy of the computations cannot be ascertained since not all initial and final values are given.  The report, however, does a good comparison between first and second quarters.  The interaction of various indices with the overall economic performance is well covered.The article on home prices has a proper heading which fully details the content that the report is intended to address.  The results are well presented by breaking them down.  The composition of the indices is included.  There are, however, no explanations on what there indices mean or are used for.  More information should be provided to ensure that the consumers of the data understand the implications of all measures used.  The study is inferential since only a sample is used to infer on the overall industry performance.  Since the growth has been declining for quite a long time it is easier to use a table to present the extent of the decline. The report only gives percentage drops with initial values missing.  This makes it hard to determine the accuracy of the results.  The report could have been extended to have more details.

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