James Fowler Stages Of Faith

The stages of faith by which Fowler had devised were observed to be uniform and universally acceptable regardless where one is in his level of faith and religious context. It described man’s effort to seek to understand the finite sphere he finds himself in relation to transcendence. This in turn helped us discern our placements in the order of the grand scheme of things as we passed through different facets in our lives. The theory concerns more with the type of faith a person has from the basic convention that profound belief in God or disbelief may occur at any stage in our journey through life.

Its simplicity in meaning allows therapist to resolve problems commonly encountered in psychology from the very resources of a person’s life: the foundation of belief and philosophy of faith. The way people construct their faith reflects the way they see and understand things in their own relevant perspectives. Marking the case of terminally ill people, faith turns out to be the prime factor in determining their quality of life believing that everything happens for a reason.

And so there goes the open arms acceptance to anything that comes without the search for apparent reason of its existence. It attempted to connect a person’s word and ideals to faith.

Faith being defined as having a language of its own encouraged mankind to seek better understanding of its realm and makes relating to other people easier. There is a perfect resemblance between the first stage and the last stage.

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The first stage gave the fact that children rely on their parents and environment’s authority as such as the hand me down basic faith teachings to mold their initial foundation on faith and knowing faith. The last stage gave us the paradigm of one’s growth and transformation in spirituality to an unexplainable childlike transcendence from humanity to divinity as exhibited by his selfless concern for others despite of color, measurement or creed. It’s a kind of lifestyle and commitment with no known certainty.  It is like looking to a person through their eyes of faith which is the center of their meaning and passion that moves them to words and action. How a person conceives his world directly relates him to his level of spirituality. And if we have a moment to peep to the doors of their lives, we can say that in some aspects of their lives they have entered the realm of the divine world by a share of their irrefutable faith experience. Coming to terms then with human nature is the object of the divine structure of faith. It is the absolute pronouncement of the meaning of our existence: fellowship with God.

Stages Of Faith By James Fowler

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James Fowler Stages Of Faith
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