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Ladies and gentlemen: I’m sorry to drag you from your tasty wine and delicious dessert. There just a few things I need to say as a bridesmaid. This is the second time I ever be a bridesmaid, I hope I did the job alright last time and wish I could do better this time, although I know the former couple were still talking about me when they get divorced, but I’m pretty sure that got nothing to do with me or my speech.

8 years ago, there is a girl wearing a dirty white dress sitting in the corner of my kindergarten, that’s how I met her, and today, there is a girl wearing a fabulous wedding dress in front us, that’s the reason why I am here, speaking. We got along with each other pretty easy since we are extremely nice people, or maybe I’m just a little bit nicer than her.

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We were firmly believed that two of us gonna be the happiest couple in this world since the day we learned the word” couple” until both of us were told same gender marriage may not be accepted by everyone, no like today’s wedding which is not only blessed by God but also all the people here.

5 years ago, a guy who pretending really friendly “kidnaped” her and never let her go, even worse, I’m forced to be in this occasion and give everyone a speech about how “sad” I am after my best friend left me, then run into another person’s arms or bed, whatever.

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That was my fault because I couldn’t find any cause why they may not be lawfully joined together, so I have to hold my peace forever. I think I know what is going to be happen next, the pretty girl in the wedding dress, and the handsome guy in the decent suit will just like the fairytale, live together happily ever after. So, everyone, raise your glasses, to this adorable couple.

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Special Occasion Essay
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