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Special Education Lawsuit Essay

The local school district has been experiencing troubles regarding issues and legal responsibility difficulty. The most recent one concerns the accusations of the incapacity of school administrations in the accommodation of students under the special education (SPED) program. Apparently, schools are no longer able to provide the appropriate education service to students under the said learning system. Although the service is available for the public enrollees, the schools’ ability to implement is being questioned. This has caused variable forms of protests and accusations on the part of the parents of children with special education needs.Special education is an instruction method that is modified or particularized for those students with special needs, such as learning differences, mental health problems, or specific disabilities (Wikipedia, 2007). The recent issues that target the schools in giving necessary services outlined in a special education program has caused a certain degree of damages to parties concerned, leading to lawsuits filed in different courts. An increasing number of parents are somewhat dissatisfied with the way school districts implement their education schemes. They manifest a degree of annoyance over the unexpected policies of these institutions.There are varying root problems that may be pointed out in the misunderstandings of different parties involved. On the side of the parents, it cannot be helped that they think negatively of the situation since their respective children are concerned and appears to be at a disadvantage on the situation. There are some cases where special students were suspended or even expelled from schools. This is due to the fact that the rules and regulations applied to them are the ones universally implemented. The special students were not able to get the right attention they need to go through a learning experience fit for their abilities. Unnoticed, the possible causes of these problems may comprise a larger portion of the dilemma. There are situations where the problem may have risen by poor agreements and evaluations recourses.Some schools were not aware or were not able to evaluate the needs of a child even before accepting him as a regular student. In those cases, the disability manifestation may be identified too late that the child may already be suffering from cases of offense to school standards and regulations. If this is the case, the school may be liable by not introducing evaluative purposes that may have separated a special student with special needs. Nevertheless, even though the school is required to provide evaluative measures, it should be the responsibility of the parents to provide this first hand info to the school administration. The early identification of the needs of a child will let the school prepare special programs for him. Consequently, the appropriate learning structure can be employed. This is the best possible way to prevent future lawsuits against schools.Good special education services are intensive and expensive (Wright, 1999-2007). Because of this, some parents need support from public schools that are able to provide special education programs. However, the two clauses of the system, the parents and the school administration, should always have a transparent communication scheme to come up with the best possible approach in nurturing the learning capacity of special children. Both have definite responsibilities to make the program as effective as possible. References:Wikipedia. 2007. Special Education. Wikipedia. Retrieved May 15, 2007 from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_education.Wright, P., Wright, P. 1999-2007. Can the School Expel My Child with ADHD & LD?. Wrightslaw. Retrieved May 15, 2007 from http://www.wrightslaw.com/advoc/ltrs/ellen_expel_son.htm

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