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Solar Energy, an Alternative to Fossil Energy Essay

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Today ecological sustainability is the greatest concern for all the humankind. Greenhouse effect, an inevitable consequence of the enhanced Greenhouse gases, threatens the very existence of flora, fauna and human race. Greenhouses gases are carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane. As a result of Greenhouse effect, the temperature of the Earth is rising, and even small extra warming will damage the global ecosystem. The only way to stop the global warming is to reduce the pollution. The pollution comes largely from energy industry, and there is a clear and consistent need to investigate and utilize clean sources of power.Several decades ago scientists believed that nuclear energy can fully supply households and industry. But after the awful catastrophe in Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, the myth of a “peaceful atom” disappeared. Nuclear energy is not safe enough to be put in everyday use, so the scientific community has long been in search of brand-new and powerful source of energy. This problem is closely connected o another burning question. Natural resources of our planet are being quickly exhausted. As analysts predict, we will feel great shortage of natural resources as far as the middle of the 21st century. So great amount of research concerning alternative or renewable sources of energy, is carried out.Renewable sources of energy are solar power, wind energy, biomass, geothermal steam, and hydroelectric sources of power. People started to investigate solar energy long ago; some argue that even ancient Greeks used it for heating. But the scientific study of this phenomenon started not so long ago, but the perspectives solar energy opens are breathtaking.I’m going to numerate and compare the benefits of solar energy and fossil energy and account for the rational use of each.The benefits of fossil energy are its inexpensive rice and relatively easy production. Oil is the traditional source of power and the economy is almost totally dependant on it. About 85% of all power comes from fossil energy nowadays, and infrastructure in the field of fossil energy is highly developed. Governments state that proper control over environmental impact of fossil combustion can eliminate any danger to the environment. Those who lobby further use of fossil energy state that solar energy plants are expensive, complex to construct and hardly effective. In the following paragraphs I’m going to prove the opposite.Solar energy stands for three “S”: Safety, Stability, and Sustainability. The benefits of solar power are numerous and significant.First of all, solar energy is virtually inexhaustible. Humanity can utilize energy derived from Sun as long as it shines. There is no fear of running out of it.Second benefit of solar power is that it’s regenerative. Fossil sources of energy are not considered renewable. It takes centuries and centuries while fossils are formed.Solar power plants have low operative cost. They need few supervision and control.Another benefit of solar energy is that it’s decentralized. Solar energy can be obtained in every place on the planet. Oil and gas concentrate largely in several countries, and these countries have much political significance. Still, the countries in Persian Gulf suffer from instability and outward intrusions. Embargos on oil can weaken the world economy greatly. Oil is becoming more and more expensive nowadays, and more and more tensions surround energy issues. The dissemination of solar energy is global and fair, and this energy can be controlled or usurped by any political force. So we can say that solar energy would contribute to political and economical stability. Even remote communities and developing countries can depend on solar power.Now it’s high time to speak about the major advantage of the renewable sources of energy. They are environment-friendly. They produce no polluted waste and they don’t harm the atmosphere and biosphere. Fossils when burned can cause acid rains, and they stand for the major cause of the Greenhouse effect. Oil is drilled on the sea-shelf, and that poses great danger to the marine ecosystems, let’s just remember Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. It’s a common case when the oil tanker crashes in the ocean and pollutes waters and shore.To sum up my paper, I would list to list briefly the major benefits of oil and solar power. The benefits of oil are as following:Inexpensive priceRelatively easy way of production and utilizationDeveloped infrastructureGovernmental controlThe benefits of solar energy are:Nature-friendly natureRenewable natureDecentralizationNo need for much supervisionLow operation costEven a quick comparison shows that solar energy is more perspective and efficient energy source. If the scenario is positive we may hope that the ecology of our planet will be sustained.

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