Over the decades, social work has emerged as one of the most important profession in the world and currently the fastest growing career. The basic and primary role of this profession is to augment human well-being, to ensure that they attain their needs, and to help in the empowerment of the different sectors in the society, particularly those who are marginalized, discriminated and oppressed. It is a profession that is dependent on the worker’s values, desire to help, drive to alleviate other people’s conditions and commitment to serve.

According to the Social Work Code of Ethics, social work profession is rooted on the following core values: service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity and competence.Service – it is an integral part of social work as a profession. Social workers are expected to render service without expecting financial return. Social justice – as part of this profession, social workers must strive to battle injustices in the society, especially those who are vulnerable and weak.

They must ensure equal opportunity for all. Dignity and worth – social workers must encourage social responsibility and determination in their clients. Social workers must be able to treat people mindful of their individuality and cultural differences. Human relationships – workers of this profession must realize the significance of human relationships that establishing a harmonious relationship among others can bring about social change.And that a strong relationship with people can help the promotion and protection of well-being. Integrity – social workers, in their profession deal with people.

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Therefore, they must be responsible for their actions. They must honestly undertake their tasks while upholding the professions values, missions and ethical principles. Competence – social workers should not stop seeking to increase their professional knowledge. This profession is always a learning process, thus, social workers must conspire to increase their knowledge and be able to effectively put them into action (Code). It should not be merely theories in this profession, instead these principles must be properly and rightfully enacted to benefit the lives of the community that a social worker caters.Carol Meyer is a pioneer in the development of several areas in social work. She developed a framework to impart her knowledge in eco-systems approach related to the field of practice. Her theories are influenced by the evolvement and formulation of ecosystem orientation in practice. (NASW Pioneers..) Meyer’s contribution into the delivery of the seven core values of social work is important in the evolution of this profession. Particularly her thoughts on the ecosystems participation has helped enormously into bringing together a framework that will interconnect transnational networks. In addition, Meyer’s speech at the University of Columbia, included that “the key to bridging the gap is to focus between research and practice.” This is a matter of incorporating research to practice, as it is consistent with NASW’s Code of Ethics.Ecosystems approach is therefore based on giving “primacy to relationships, Self-organizing networks and giving on the importance of diversity.” (Meyer) Social Work shall become an effective process if these integrations among the people, the social worker and the clients shall be employed.As though, social work as a profession is anchored not on the sole basis of economic progress, instead, it is a profession based on discipline and assurance of client’s needs (Bormann). It’s heart and soul is based on the fulfillment of human rights and their innate needs. This profession is always in pursuit to satisfy not just the physical needs of a human being. This profession is responsible for promoting social welfare, encourage participation from the people and motivate them to engage in social and political actions that will help in the progress of their society. They help to overcome life’s difficult challenges including poverty, abuse, addiction employment and disabilities to name a few. They do more than just attend to these cases, but as well counsel individuals to help them cope with the stresses of life. And thus, to incorporate Meyer’s ideas, this is only attainable if people are to closely interact with one another and promote a close system of relationships between the society and the social worker.Thus social work, as a profession goes beyond the limits of physical success and monetary fulfillment. It is tied to the profession of value service and willingly giving something that benefits the majority of mankind. It is a profession that deals with personal development that goes beyond monetary limits.Social work is a noble profession as it entails the emancipation of the society, fulfillment of needs that are not tied to physical manifestations, geared towards seeking of justice and a righteous act of self-giving. 

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