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Social Security: Not a Reliable Means of Retirement Essay

I chose the topic “In the United States, we do not need to plan for retirement. Social Security will cover our needs when we are retired. ” I will be arguing against that statement because I believe that there will not be any Social Security left for my generation when we decide to retire. I also believe that no one should rely solely on Social Security for retirement. I think people should also have a nice little “nest egg” set aside for their retirement.

I do not think anyone should rely solely on one source to save for their retirement. This is like when a person has a computer and does not back up their hard drive. If this hard drive crashes on them, he or she will not have anything to fall back on to save them. Saving for retirement is somewhat similar to that situation. I plan to argue this point of view by using several sources that I will find in about 3 different locations. The first location will be through my local public library.

I also plan to use some online resources to help to prove my point of view in the final essay. My third source will come from my local Social Security offices. I will contact them and ask them to send me literature on retirement and Social Security. I will also ask them if they have anything about the current problem in our Social Security program. I have found one resource for my paper through my local library called “Restoring Hope in America: The Social Security Solution” by Sam Beard.

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I think that this will be a very good resource from my public library that I can use to argue against the topic that I chose to write on for this class as my final assignment. I plan to use a couple other sources from my local library when I research this topic from there. This is a very popular topic in today’s economy, so I am sure that it will not take much effort to find the information that I need to argue my point of view against Social Security and retirement.

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