The following sample essay on “Social problems”: problems are some condition , set of events or group of persons constitutes a troublesome situation that needs to be changed or improved.


Nowadays , social problems are very serious and we should pay more attention to these problems. As a part of the community , we should be concerned about social problems. Every day we read the newspaper and get the news from media, almost every day the newspaper and the media reports are about the social problems.

All sorts of social problems will appear in our surrounding , but we cannot turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. We need to find ways to solve these social problems so that the society will not be mess order.

Social problems are some condition , set of events or group of persons constitutes a troublesome situation that needs to be changed or improved. Social problems are like time bomb , when it explode, it will be out of control.

Social problems let us live in a pressured situation. Today’s society there are too many examples of social problems, I took a few more popular examples to explain in detail.

Explain the social problems in the end how it affects the growth of our country and the ways of prevent to reduce the social issue. Now, we take a look at what social problems are the most popular .

Body Paragraphs

Firstly ,the most common and the most serious social problems in our life are gangsters. Speaking of gangsters, will make people tremble with fear.

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Gangsters are not limited to age, previous may be older establishment gangsters, now both primary and secondary schools also have a group of students create a own gangster within the school.

They will require students to pay a protection fee , if students do not, they will use means to force students pay protection money . Gangsters may intimidation , harassment and find someone to hit the student until the student willing to pay money. As long as someone offended gangster boss or brother, the man must not be at peace. Gangsters will send someone to give warning and told the man who is the stronger one. Gangsters also smoking , fighting , make trouble and provoke others everywhere. In short , they do any bad thing, also bully the weak . New gangs also never lost on the old gang . Next, the gangs will cause the growth of our country to have a negative impact . These will be brought to the community a lot of unnecessary trouble and fear. So that the country would be in a very unstable state. People in other countries will be disappointedin our country, they are afraid to trade in our country and the economic will downturn . Just so that our country is greatly losses and enough to affect the development of the country . Moreover , there are several ways to prevent the establishment of gangs . The first step is whenever you see someone organization gangs immediately alarm . Second is counselors to counsel these kids . Also let the parents pay more attention to children’s behavior and trends ,and more concern for children . The second problem is traffic jams , in our country always occur the traffic problems especially during the peak time are often traffic jams . I often think that our country really is so many cars? Our country has many public transport can ride like bus and LRT . In the end is too rich or people do not want to take the public transport with others or they do not want wake up early to catch the bus and LRT .

In my observation , most of the vehicles are driving one in the working hours . And a family is more than owning a car . When there is the festival season , have long queues of vehicles on the road . People are required to spend half a day in the car ,it’s really a headache . Apart from that ,this problem makes our country’s poor reputation when it comes to the transportation. Foreigners evaluation of our traffic is low. Affect the ranking of our country is seriously lagging behind . This is enough to affect our reputation severely damaged . Following that ,have a problem we have to go to solve . The solution of a traffic jam is government can greatly promote the public transport and explain the advantage of using public transport . If just your colleagues or friends to the same place , that simply driving a car is enough or everyone turns driving their own car with a colleague or friend . As long as people are willing to comply , then the problem can be solved . The third problem that I think need to be paid more attention to is illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrants mixed the name suggests is that there is no approved . Illegal immigrants once they are caught will suffer severe punishment or be forced to exit or leave to country they are in. If the illegal immigrants think that the country is not properly managed, these immigration will be able to sneak into our country without any fear of being caught or punished .

Our country has a huge and important part of responsibility and also need to ensure that there are no problems in the country due to these immigrants. Illegal immigrants seemingly innocuous, but in fact , it hurt not to be looked down upon small . Their arrival so that people reduce jobs , because their low salaries , better efficiency and the important one, they are hardworking than people in our country . The other is that they cause a lot of distress and they will rob and trouble . Many social chaos is manufactured or are cased mostly by them . We should immediately think of a way to solve this problem so that we are getting the security and tranquility. The checkpoint staff must strictly regulate immigration checkpointsand not to let them muddle through . People are urgerto pay very close attention to suspicious person around and if found, it has to be immediately notifiedto the police . Police and people ‘s cooperation are essential and vital to crack down on illegal immigrants. The fourth social problem is divorce which happens in every place around the world. There will be a divorce as long as there are men , women , and married . I really cannot figure out why people want a divorce and had chosen to marry . Although divorce is very easy , but the marriage is not child’ s play . Since the original thought of marriage , think of the consequences of divorce , do not impulse bad throughout life . The high divorce rate is not a good thing for a country . If the divorce rate is higher , on behalf of the people does not pay attention to the views of marriage . Marriage is a sacred thing , many people have opted for early marriage . For this reason and cause the divorce rate to improve . This country has given the impression that marriage is a failure , this once again undermines the reputation of the country . What method can reduce the divorce rate? It is up to people to their own ideas . Government should be called on the people to not be too early marriage , early marriage has a lot of potential problems . Now , society difficult and having a family is not an easy task . Marriage gave birth to the child , if divorce the child does not have a perfect family environment to grow and will leave to childhood shadow .

Ultimately suffering only child . So , think about it before marriage . The fifth is environmental pollution problems , this is also the community most concern . Environmental pollution refersto human discharged to the environment than its self-purification capacity of substances or energy , so that the quality of the environment to reduce the phenomena of an adverse impact on the survival and development of humanity , ecosystems , and property . The most common are water pollution , air pollution , and noise pollution . Water pollution will harm to human death and directly affect the water quality of the drinking water source then produce many diseases . Furthermore , it will constrain economic development because the industrial use of water as a raw material or washing products and directly participate in the processing of products. Deterioration of the water quality will directly affect the quality of product. Water pollution for human health , agriculture , fisheries and other sideline have largely affected the development of the economy! Air pollution will affect the body health and also the impact of weather and climate . People believe that climate change may cause a variety of air pollutants , carbon dioxide has a significant role in . The content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere according to the current rate of increase continues , after a number of years will make the north and south ends of the ice melting , leading to global climate anomalies . Noise pollution will damage to the hearing of the human body .

The worse case can cause deafness. Noise can induce a variety of diseases . The impact of noise on sleep great , people even in sleep , hearing , have to bear the noise stimulus . It will distract people ’ s attention , leading to unresponsive , fatigue , decreased work efficiency and error rate rise . So, we must not underestimate the importance of these three pollution damaged. It must find a way to prevent . Prevention and treatment methods for all pollution is severely punished or give warning to them . Noise prevention measures is to minimize the sound decibel value or use sound – absorbing , sound insulation , noise barrier isolation and other measures . For air pollution is reducing emissions of pollutants and afforestation . There is also a most important is to start with ourselves . Do not throw waste , the perfect city is everyone ’s responsibility . Lastly , the way of preventing water pollution is before we drink the water , we boiled or filter it . We also can actively promote “clean production” . Clean production to change the existing unsustainable methodsof raw material and energy consumption , to encourage sustainable production using non- toxic products . Of course , our government should control our environment . Cannot just verbally agreed to without action because protecting the environment is everyone ‘s responsibility .

As a conclusion , all these issues makes me feel , is social change or human nature has changed . Only human indifference , will bring up this society today . We can really make it cool treatment? Our society is reduced to a point where it is we want to do? The first condition is the protection of society the people must lead by example . In fact , as long as everyone concerted effort to make a change, it certainly can . If everyone changed , then the social will peaceful . I sincerely hope we can do this !

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