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Target Market: LUX is not a highly expensive but an affordable product. That is why the company targets urban and sub urban upper middle and middle class people who are the second highest population of segment of the country. From the segmentation of customer according to SEC they target category A, B and C, because they are assumed to be financially well-off and can afford to buy LUX.

Product Positioning: Unilever Bangladesh Ltd obtained a good position in the buyers‘ mind through better product attributes, price and quality, offering the product in a different way than the competitors do.

The company offers improved quality of products in the industry at an affordable price with high branding, which ultimately helps to position the product in the buyers‘ mind as the best quality beauty soap.

The market share of the company in the beauty soap industry is somewhere around 43%. Since in the beauty soap industry all products are of same price Unilever cannot provide its consumers with better price but it is in a great position in reference with its packaging, fragrances and product designing. The Market for LUX

For better comprehension of Unilever Pakistan, its marketing strategy, product quality, positioning and placement, we present here a comparative analysis of its competitors. This part of the project illustrates the market share of different companies in the beauty soap industry.

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Market Share: The beauty soap industry in Pakistan consists of only seven major producers. Unilever Pakistan Ltd is operating in the industry with its world famous brand LUX. Out of these giant companies Unilever Pakistan Ltd is the market leader with a share of around 43%.

Target Market Of Lux Soap

Other companies in the industry are not as big as Unilever Pakistan Ltd but they are posing threat to the company by a tendency of a gradual increase in their market share. Kohinoor Chemicals which is operating with the brand name Tibet is an extremely famous brand to the rural segment of the population and possess a significant share in that segment which is the largest population group in Pakistan. Moreover Keya Cosmetics Ltd operating with the brand name Keya and Marks & Allys Ltd operating with the brand name Aromatic are also uprising brands to both the rural and sub urban segment of the population.

Change in communication strategy However, the communication was slowly seen to be losing relevance, as consumers were beginning to question if the film star actually used the brand. In addition to this, several competitive beauty soap brands had begun advertising using similar methods of communication. In this context, the global brand team for Lux developed a new communication strategy. This strategy– bring out the star in you– for the first time moved the brand away from the long-running film star route.

The film star still features in the new communication but not as her gorgeous self but rather as an alter ego/projection of the protagonist (a regular girl), for a few seconds of the entire ad. Thus, for the first time the film star was used as a communication device and not as the main feature of the ad. The move away from the film star and her fantasy world to a regular Lux user, with the focus on the protagonist‘s star quality, is a change from the norms set by Lux advertising in the past.

With the new communication strategy, the film star is used purely as a communication device to portray star quality in every Lux user. This can be significantly seen in the latest TV commercial of Lux Crystal Shine where Priyanka Chopra is portrayed as a normal woman. This idea– bring out the star in you – puts the consumer at the heart of the brands‘ promise. This promise goes beyond the functional deliverables of soap, beyond bathing and the bathroom to the Lifebuoy: Lifebuoy is introduced in 1895 and it is owned by uniliver company . It has 18% market share in the bathing category.

It was around 2002 that the product moved from being a hard soap to a mild soap that delivered a significantly superior bathing experience. The new soap had a refreshing fragrance and its overall positioning changed, painting its promise of health in softer, more versatile and responsible color — for the entire family. The packaging was also changed: The rugged looking packs were soon replaced with a softer pinkish cover. This was followed by a series of ads highlighting the soap’s germ -fighting benefits. Lifebuoy had become a family soap with hygiene as its core promise.

Right from th : Resonance: ? Customer feels proud by using LUX ? They feel it is special for us ? They really love and want LUX ? They purchase the brand whenever they go to store ? They really like to use LUX 17. 2: Judgment: Customer judgment regarding brand are as an under Quality is good ? Packaging is attractive ? Features are outstanding ? Decent and attractive of LUX 17. 3: Feelings: ? Customer gets excited while using LUX ? They feel warmth feelings ? They feel freshness ? They feel they are more beautiful : Performance: ? It smoothen our skin ? It fairs face completion 7. 5: Imagery: ? Customer continuously using LUX whenever goes to store ? Brand personality of LUX is very attractive ? Customer experience is good with LUX ?

Customer loves that people really who use LUX ? Retail store are the best places to buy LUX http://www. docstoc. com/docs/33727818/brand-audit-of-LUX-by-the-university-of-faisalabad-students-sargodha-road Around the time this data was collected, there was a feeling that the attribute of hygiene and “protection from germs” for the whole family may now be more important than cosmetic attributes of soap (e. . fragrance, beauty, affect on skin, etc. ). Some related marketing events are listed in Table 1. Table 1: Toilet Soap Marketing Events in 2002 Date Event Feb 2002 Launch of Dettol Extra as a moisturizing, anti? bacterial soap for hygienically clean skin Mar 2002 Launch of Lux Skin Renewing with Vitamin E; Promotional message: “Which comes first – health or beauty? The answer is both” April 2002 Re? Launch of Lifebuoy with new packaging, fragrance and color, and a renewed focus on hygiene and “protection from germs” for the whole family May 2002 Re?

Launch of Safeguard with new packaging and colors June 2002 TV campaign with Safeguard positioned against pimples July 2002 Dettol Extra permanent price reduction of Rs. 1/? Sept 2002 Safeguard promotional campaign as a family need providing 24 hour protection Sept 2002 Launch of Capri Sensitive for skin care Sept 2002 Launch of Lifebuoy in a small pack (for Rs. 7/? ) Also, it was not unusual that more than one brand was being used at any time in a household. We are therefore interested in which factors determine what combination of brands are used. Further, we want to understand all of this after taking into account any seasonal effects.

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