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Siddhartha Essay

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The book tells Siddhartha’s spiritual journey. Siddhartha was born in a wealthy Brahmin family. He and his best friend, Govinda lived a delightful and fulfilling life, which was far off from every day challenging concerns. At young age, Sidharta convinces Govinda to go with him and leave their extravagant lives to find life in its true perspective. They begin their journey to gain the spiritual understanding and clear the human soul from mundane affairs. Soon they are joined by a group of people whom they believe to have freed themselves from material comforts through strict self-discipline.After years of journey, Govinda follows the path of Buddha. Sidharta, however, he feels that his journey has not come to an end. He continues the journey and seeks for more truth in life.  For a short while; Siddhartha goes back to the luxurious life, he was used to; however he feels the thirst of spirituality again and leaves home once again.  He follows a ferryman and starts to live with the ferryman. He learns the ferryman’s down to earth life which teaches him the ability to communicate with river; which he has never known earlier. For the first time he realizes that river is animate and has life of its own. Siddhartha learns that life is also like river  full of alterations and up n down. He finds the understanding that to achieve spiritual meaning; he needs to go to the people and blend himself with the people, who are real.The long journey teaches him wisdom like Nietzsche, as he explains to Govinda that the nature has dual existences (sin and divinity, pleasure and pain, love and hate, life and death), all of which are essential part of life. He comes to theunderstanding that the individual; who live in denial cannot absorb wisdom. He comprehends that truth and falsehood are the two sides of one coin, even though they look different. The same is true about world and life; which is not about right and wrong; but it’s the combination of both that makes the world perfect. Siddhartha concludes that by comparing the world with imagination is actually restricting the love for the world itself. Analyzing from what Sidharta has confronted, Govinda believes that Sidharta has the character of Buddha, as he was able to gain the spiritual light for which he yearned so much and came out victorious. The book helps the readers to go through journey along Siddhartha. Siddhartha struggle shows the struggle of every man, who often find life complex and difficult to comprehend; however looking at life from Siddhartha perceives, one reaches to the understanding that all good and bad are essential part of life and in togetherness they make human existence possible.In a way Siddhartha tries to escape from the luxury to find the answer in his spiritual journey, however in the beginning this does not lead him to what he is longing for  . He discovers the wisdom only when he goes back and fulfils his emptiness by blending himself into the happiness and sadness at once. He finally realizes that he is a part of this unity and love, which are greatest elements in the world. It can be concluded that this book is vital to find spiritual experience in life.Reference:Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha. Shambala Publication, 2000.Roger J. Corless, The Vision of Buddah. Paragon House, 1989.Robert M. Price, “Of Myth and Men .” Free Inquiry 1999.Rudolph P. Byrd, “‘Oxherding Tale’ and ‘Siddhartha.” African American Review (1996)  

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