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Should schools be allowed to pass out birth control Essay

In the advent of a highly sexual society, there is a very big exposure to high sexuality not only in adults or in teens, but also in the schooling age. The children are being introduced to new things and concepts, and it is undeniable that some of them may actually try and test them out. One of these things that baffle their curiosity is the concept of sex. Many of the school children today try having sexual intercourse with their fellow school children without their parents knowing it. It is a highly unprotected sexual act that exposes them to the risk of early pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.But how will the society be able to avoid these things? Simple – by accepting that the tides have actually changed, and that there is nothing that the society can do to stop it in its tracks. Instead of opposing it, the people should accept it in their minds and think of solutions to the underlying problems related to this “awakening”. The people should be open to the idea that these kids could get pregnant in their early age and that they could also contract sexually-transmitted disease. That’s why the people should be open with the fact that the society should educate them more, and be able to provide them with their needs. And for this situation, the need to give them protection arises. That is why schools should be allowed to pass out birth control on these youngsters.The school: the sourceThe school is apparently the main source of information for the young minds of the society today. Going to school has been the goal of many parents and students as well. Many people, if not all, wants to learn and be educated, and it stands like that all throughout time. Knowledge has been a goal for many people, and the school is one of the most effective repositories that one could acquire knowledge. But it is inevitable to learn other things in schools. People can’t avoid mingling with other types of personalities, that’s why they can’t avoid learning new things. And when they learn these things, they can’t help but try doing it (Brown). This involves the concept of sex. The schools became an outlet for information about sex and sexual intercourse, arousing the curiosity of these children.The thinking that these schoolchildren are having sex would entail proper understanding of the matter, since it is a very sensitive topic. They are way below the legal age, and to think that it is really happening is both shocking and a fearful thought. They are exposed to a great number of risks at a very early age, that’s why the likelihood of this risks happening is very high. And the age bracket they are in is very crucial, since it is the period of curiosity and personality development, thus engaging in various sexual activities could really affect their lives.Since these schoolchildren are very eager to learn and are very curious regarding things, they would always experiment sexually, that is why the best thing to do is to be prepared with what could happen, that is why birth control measures and contraceptives would come in handy. In this way, people are preventing the worst case scenario, wherein the kid gets pregnant or worse, contracts a sexually-transmitted disease. It is an early course of action that people could take, since they don’t know how these children would respond to being aware about sexuality and sexual concerns. They are individuals who has a mind of their own, and the best way is to arm you with a possible solution, and that is embracing the fact that these schoolchildren may be engaging in sex.If this is taken into proper consideration, then the possible answers or solutions can be conceived. It is better to be prepared while taking necessary precautions, than preaching what is right or wrong and getting caught on the wrong footing. People can’t risk to get caught off guard, since it would readily mean failure in your efforts.Some say that passing out birth control and contraceptives in school will just heighten these children’s curiosity. They are saying that it seems as if they are encouraging sexual activity to the eyes of the children even though they are at a very young age. But they should think about the present situation. The world that people live in now is a highly sexualized world. The advent of the television and other visual media marked this characteristic, since sex invites a lot of income.Sex sells, and that is true for advertising, film making, and even noon-time shows. The world these young minds are living into is full of invitations for sex. Every street you turn too, there’s a poster or billboard of a semi-nude figure which elicits a lot of worldly thoughts or intentions. Yet, the people are not opposing these media manipulation, simply because we have been accustomed to these things. People don’t get hanged just by wearing minis or tank tops.But still, in the eyes of these young ones, these could be an invitation for sex, a silent encouragement that slowly fills up their growing minds. When they put these thoughts into action, then where can people get the strength to stop them? It will be a chain reaction, since it will be passed on through social chains, inside and outside the school. So basically, the school is not encouraging to practice sex. They are merely making a statement that since sex is inevitable, it is better to practice safety.When the topic is sex, especially in relation to the school and the school children, the concept of ethics and morality is always attached. People view the classroom as the place where morality and values should be taught. They expect that this will be able to defeat the thoughts about sex in these children, and that it would be enough to discourage them from engaging in such acts. They say that passing out these birth control and contraceptives would be a condemnation of the concept of morality, since as was said earlier, it encourages these children to have sex. Teaching them not to engage in underage sex should be the one focused on, not selling out on using condoms and contraceptives, people would say.But then again, is it not the school’s job to protect these children from the various diseases of the society, including overpopulation and sexually transmitted diseases? The school is dubbed as the children’s “second home,” that is why it is responsible for keeping them safe from the harsh elements of the society. It is the schools job indeed, to protect these kids from getting pregnant and contracting these diseases, that is why they should be allowed to pass out birth control and contraceptives such as condoms and pills. It is also their job to hone the children’s sense of responsibility, even of it encompasses the responsible and safe sex. It teaches the children to take their own precautions, and watch out for these negative elements of the society.The adult population should feel the sense of responsibility with these children since they are the ones to be looked at, aspired by these young ones. These people should be able to give the appropriate tools for facing tough choices and big problems in life, and that includes the sexual awakening of a person. These youngsters are at the stage of realizing their true potentials as human beings, and without proper guidance, these children could go astray. They should offer them the help they need so that they will live a happy, prosperous life, free of diseases or burdens of unwanted pregnancies or marriages, which again, is a very common scene today. It is better to hand these children a pack of  condoms or prescription of contraceptive pills today than an advice of abortion tomorrow, added with an ounce of regret. These schoolchildren are all taking a big step in their lives that could make or break them, and all we can do is watch. That is why before we start watching them grow and live their own lives, should equip them with the essential knowledge that they need to go on and live as normal human beings; being able to engage in sex and have no fear for the future.The society’s adults can make a difference regarding the situation of these schoolchildren and the matters of sex. They serve as guides of these children; providing the right tools and the right knowledge. This include passing out birth control and contraceptives (Santos). When they teach about sex, it should be holistic, encompassing information about safety, and providing access to high quality birth control materials.People should accept that the world we are living in is highly sexual: everywhere, there is something that could be related sex. Protecting the young ones would really be futile if one should consider totally eradicating the thought of sex in these young minds. Instead of depriving them with the knowledge because of the belief that encourages them, people should instead opt to teach them the right way, and that includes providing them with proper birth control tools and contraceptives, since they are humans, and have a their own free will. People should always communicate with these youngsters, since communication is the best way to know what they think or feel regarding a certain concern. Communication opens up channels for a good relationship between parents and children, thus opening a way for giving them a proper future through responsible education.

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