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Sherlock Holmes Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Forensic Science

The use of forensic science improved investigating policing over the years because things like fingerprinting, radios, discovery of DNA evidence and CCTV was all introduced in the 1900s. Fingerprinting Fingerprinting is used to take fingerprints of people and can later be used to identify people by a distinctive mark or characteristic. Fingerprinting is useful as it helps to identify victims or criminals quickly and accurately.Fingerprinting is very useful in forensic science as fingerprints are unique to each individual; they are very accurate way for investigative police to identify a suspect, as well as potentially proving their guilt or innocence. The benefits of fingerprinting are they are very high accuracy, widely accepted. Fingerprints can be used to confirm identity and prove if a certain person came in contact with an object. DNA fingerprinting has replaced traditional fingerprinting as a more reliable method for some applications, but fingerprint analysis is still a vital part of many different kinds of investigations. It’s easy to use.However even though there are many advantages there are also disadvantages such as for some people it is very intrusive, because is still related to criminal identification. It can make mistakes with the dryness or dirty of the finger’s skin, as well as with the age is not appropriate with children, because the size of their fingerprint changes quickly. Because people rely so heavily on fingerprint identification, if fingerprint evidence is not collected, stored, or handled properly it may result in a false identification which people will believe is valid because they view fingerprinting as highly reliable.In 1901 fingerprinting was introduced to Scotland Yard and in 1995 national automatic fingerprints identification system allowed every police force in England and wales to compare fingerprints found at crime scenes. This helped improve policing as it means if there was a crime scene or something then fingerprinting could be used to identify possible suspects or victims. For example with the Fraser Joyce case if her fingerprints were at the scene then maybe they would have been able to identify who she was much quicker.And with the Derek Bentley case if his finger prints were on the gun that killed the police officer then they would have known if he actually killed the police officer and we would know whether he was wrongly convicted of murder. RADIOS A radio is the transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves of radio frequency, especially those carrying sound messages. The way in which Radios are used for investigative policing is that it is easier and quicker for police to call to report issues and to call for back-up in criminal situations. The benefits of radios are they can be used for Emergency broadcasting,.You cannot beat radio as the cheapest way to communicate to the masses. A radio can be portable, entertaining, and works in most locations. The radio is a mature technology and the device is not expensive. A radio does not require a lot of energy to run. One of the biggest disadvantages to radio communication technology is the limited range of a radio signal. Even a powerful radio signal is only capable of reaching receivers within a specific geographic region; Radio signals are also susceptible to interference from atmospheric conditions and other broadcasts.In addition, it can be hard to receive a clear signal from certain locations, such as areas shielded by mountains. A structure’s insulation or electrical interference from other appliances can diminished the effectiveness of an individual radio receiver. So if a police was in need of back-up they may not be able to contact anyone because of their location. Another big disadvantage is that radios need electricity to run. They were a modern communication making it easier to report issues and call for back up. They were first used in 1910.Radios were not much of a big help in improving investigating policing but it did have an impact in the improving of investigating policing for instance with the Derek Bentley if radios were available at the time of Derek Bentley they could have been able to prevent the death of police officer because they could have called for backup. DNA EVIDENCE DNA was discovered from tiny quantities of hair, skin and blood can be used to identify both victims and criminals in 1995 the DNA national database library was set up.If DNA was available at the time of Fraser Joyce then they would have been able to successfully identify her from the strand of hair they found, they wouldn’t have had to call her friends or several doctors to find out who she was. But now that DNA has been discovered it has helped as it is much easier to identify who is a victim and who is a criminal , so it is now unlikely for innocent people to be convicted or falsely accused of doing the wrong thing . The benefits of DNA are increased likelihood of finding assailants in criminal offences, especially violent and sexual assaults.Chance to solve old unsolved crimes. Biological fathers and mothers identified with very high probability leads to solutions in wide range of family problems. CCTV CCTV cameras were first used in 1970s during the IRA bombing it enable criminals to be later caught, and it improves behaviours on streets. CCTV cameras help because if someone goes missing it enables police to see possible suspects the person they were last seen with, it can also be used to see exactly what happened at a crime scene . . g. at a robbery. With the Fraser Joyce case CCTV could have been used to see who the last person Fraser Joyce was with, they could be a possible suspect. With the Derek Bentley case CCTV could have been used to see exactly what happened on that day. Overall I think that CCTV is very helpful in improving policing as they could see exactly what was going on and exactly what is happening. CCTV also reduces crime, in the UK it is said that there are more cameras than people.Disadvantages of CCTV is that the image may not be clear , the camera may not record everything. CARS AND MOTORBIKES Greater mobility allows police to get to the crime scenes faster. One of the biggest changes in the 20th century was taking police of the beat and putting them in cars. This helped improve policing as it is easier to get to crimes. But policing is not just about technology it is also about setting up things like the neighbourhood watch, schemes involving local people in crime prevention.This is comparable with ways used to combat crime in the 15th century, which made local communities responsible for the behaviour of the neighbours and reporting crime. The difference is that the modern scheme is completely voluntary. In conclusion I think that the use of forensic science improved investigating police in the year’s c1900-c1980 a lot because without all of these things then it would be much harder for investigating police to solve crimes without all this equipment.

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