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Shell is global corporation of energy and petrochemical companies. Shell is operating in more than 140 countries for more than 10 years. Actually, Shell Corporation employs about 109,000 people. The objective of the company is “to engage efficiently, responsibly, and profitably in oil products, gas, chemicals and other selected businesses; to participate in the search for and development of other sources of energy to meet evolving customer needs and the world’s growing demand for energy”. Shell investigates new alternative and possible sources of oil as it is willing to respond to worldwide demands.

Therefore, the company made up decision to seek new investment opportunities in Ghana. The company is going to explore natural gas and oil. According to recent statistics, the oil in 2002 was 8,255 million bbl and natural gas in 2005 23.79 billion cu m relatively.

The company sees certain benefits from investing Ghana. Firstly, corporate tax relieve is a good incentive. Secondly, market advantage is apparent, because the company wants to enter petroleum production of Ghana due the high utilization of kerosene in rural areas which are provided with no electricity and characterized by low consumption of diesel.

However, the company will face gender discrimination in the country, because in Ghana women earn less than men and are expected to take care of household and children.

According to economic indicators, Ghana is developing country possessing favorable economic and financial performance than that of other countries’ in the region. Country’s GDP is $59.15 billion for 2006 amounting to $2600 GDP per capita. It is known that Ghana lacks supply of fuel to feed its growing industries.

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The demand is fulfilled only from import of petroleum from Nigeria. It is necessary to outline that Ghana is politically stable country with high degree of media freedom. Private broadcasters and press operate without significant restrictions. Actually, Ghana would benefit from Shells oil and natural gas exploration, because it offers employment and literacy education for adults and females.

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