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Sexual Violence against Women Essay

Nowadays, sexual abuses on women are very rampant in this generation. This kind of dilemma is always heard and watches on the daily news, may it be on television or in the newspaper. Women are prone and vulnerable to this kind of abuses because the way I see it, our society labels the women as inferior species compared to men; thus, there is gender biases between man and woman. In the real sense, women have same right as men have. Sexual abuses on women may happen inside marriage or outside marriage. There is a tendency that husbands think that since they are already lawfully wed by their wives, they have the full authority to use their wives whenever they like and that’s how sexual abuses creep in because the acts made by the husbands are not consented and against the will of their wives. Another scenario is when women are being raped and sexually harassed by gangs and other sort of elements in our society. Due to sexual abuses on women has increased; various groups have been established in order to fight against this kind of violence on women. Are there any ways we can prevent such dreadful violence? What does our government have done in order to stop this kind of violence? What should women do to avoid sexual violence? Are there still solutions for this dilemma? These are the inquiries that come across in my mind.Moreover, sexual abuses against women issues also point out the various forms of sexual abuses on women such as sexual assault, domestic abuses, abortions, race and sexuality and equality between men and women (gender biases). These abuses are experienced most of the women globally, it may be in different forms of sexual abuses.The intentions of this paper is to: (1) understand what does sexual violence really means; (2) bring out the real issues on sexual violence against women and; (3) figure out the solutions on sexual abuses on women.II. BackgroundA. What is sexual abuse?Everyone may have the tendency to be a prey of sexual assault. It may happen anywhere in the world. If an individual is a victim of sexual abuse, a medical assistance is required in order affirm that the individual is being abused or not. Doing such act is an indication that the complainant cries out for help and may report it to the authority. When we say sexual abuse, it denotes to a physical contact without the permission or against the will of the other individual. Sexual abuse is linked with rape and may diverge in accordance to political, communal and legal classification and description.III. DiscussionA. Issues on sexual violence against womenAs time passes by, sexual abuses on women are rapidly increasing through out the globe. In a study conducted by Jeanne Ward and Mendy Marsh, they were able to investigate and found out that in Bosnia-Herzegovina, there were about 40,000 raped cases that were recorded and verified in the Zenica Ventre for the Registration of War and Genocide Crime in 1993 (see Ward, Jeanne and Marsh, Mendy. “Sexual Violence against Women and Girls in War and Its Aftermath: Realities, Responses, and Required Resources”. June 21-23, 2006).  The study also added that in 1999, there were about 39 percent of the women being reported who had undergone sexually abused in the 1994 genocide and about 72 percent had stated that they have known individuals who suffered from sexual abuses. In 1998, during the time where a rebel offensive had occurred in the capital city of Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo, there were about 2,000 women who were treated because of sexual assaults and the 10 percent of that number were reportedly got pregnant. The United Nations bureaucrats promulgated that the exact number of women being sexually abused in Brazzaville were almost 5000. In other report, researchers had found out that there were about 50,000 to 64,000 women who have been sexually abused throughout armed conflict in Sierra Leone (see Ward, Jeanne and Marsh, Mendy. “Sexual Violence against Women and Girls in War and Its Aftermath: Realities, Responses, and Required Resources”. June 21-23, 2006). The study was able to give out the real incidents happened during the crisis or conflicts of every country that was mentioned earlier. It presented how the women were being treated during conflicts. This would only shows that sexual abuses on women are growingly rapidly and happened in different parts of the world. However, the study failed to mention what were the responses of its government upon knowing the reports.The World Health Organization website published its concern regarding the violence against women. The organization has stated that women can undergo abuses from other individuals all throughout their lives if not prevented and without the immediate support from various sectors. During February 1996, the international professionals were summoned and organized by World Health Organization to come into an agreement that the description that was implemented by the United Nations General Assembly gave a practical and helpful structure for the activities of the organization (see World Health Organization. “Violence against Women”. June 2000).  This article reported that every country’s result regarding the sexual abuses has recorded 10 percent up to 50 percent of women being sexually abused by their lifetime partners. It also stated that in a population-based study, there were about 12 percent to 25 percent of women who suffered forced sex by their partners or former partners. The rate of prostitution and sex tourism has grown in number (see World Health Organization. “Violence against Women”. June 2000). Moreover, the study showed that most of the sexual violators are men and women are very vulnerable to such violence from the men they personally know. The women and girls are often abused within the family and with their intimate partners and because of this scenario, there are social organizations that try to defend and protect the abused (see World Health Organization. “Violence against Women”. June 2000). However, do social institutions sometimes ignored sexually-abused women? Why is there still violence such as this when we have social institutions that look after such violations? On the other hand, the World Health Organization has released a public health approach to stop violence on women. The study figured out some solutions in order to prevent violent acts on women. The illustration below shows how the Public Health Approach being conducted.Gathering of the data correctly will help this program identify the real issue. If the problem has been identified, the susceptibility of the groups will be recognized. Then, this approach will make interventions and are implemented to protect the victims. This article not only showed the preventions but also presented what might happen to the sexually abused women such as transmitting of STDs that include AIDS and unplanned pregnancies.On the other hand, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that there were approximately 36 percent of women who experienced physical abuse and about 19 percent of women who undergone sexual abuse (see Phillips, Janet and Park, Malcolm. Measuring domestic violence and sexual assault: a review of the literature and statistics”. December 12, 2006). In a census made by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2005, it promulgated that in the past 12 months, there were approximately 363 000 women or 4.7 percent of women had become victims for physical violence and 126 100 women or 1.6 percent had become sexually abused. Furthermore, the Australian Bureau of Statistics assessed that about 2.56 million or 33 percent of women have become victims of physical abuse as early as 15 years old and 1.47 million or 19 percent have suffered from sexual abuses as early as 15 years old (see Phillips, Janet and Park, Malcolm. Measuring domestic violence and sexual assault: a review of the literature and statistics”. December 12, 2006).This would identify that abuses on females can be done in any age.In United States, there were about 132,000 victims particularly women have reported every year that they are victims of rape and most of them know their abusers. It was also assessed that two to six times of these victims are being sexually abused but failed to report the heinous incident. The report also added that about 1.2 million women are being sexually abused by their present or past partners (see National Organization for Women. “Violence against Women in the United States”).IV. ConclusionSexual violence against women has been an issue for a long time. I have realized that women can be sexually abused by their trusted individuals. Every year, the victims of sexual violations have grown in number in different parts of the world. However, women should be cautious enough to whom should they give their full trust because there is a great possibility that the person whom they trust most, are the people who will abuse them.

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