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Security Issues in IT Essay

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Managing Security and Risk requires a lot of procedures, technologies, IT security staff and a suitable budget. For businesses that are still growing information security managers and CIOs should understand how to handle complicated and complex attacks and risks that probe networks and system and have knowledge in managing these risks should they occur.These are some of the issues IT staff face when trying to implement security strategy. First is the structure of a computer security program. Most of the computers that most organizations use have different elements that perform different functions. Therefore adequate knowledge in central computer security program will help to address the management of computer security within an organization.Risk management is another issue that IT staff face when trying to implement a rigorous security strategy. When we talk of risk management, this is the cornerstone of effective security management. Threats should be assessed and if possible the control strategies should start with a pilot test. Proper risk management will put the company at a better place in order for it to realize its goals. (Lech, 2000, P.250).Issues such as patch management are another concern that IT staff should put into consideration. The complex nature of software requires that patches are needed to counter vulnerabilities. Therefore for patches to work well application is to be done in the right correction to a system and come up with excellent service delivery and deployment. Without effective management of these patches, they can increase vulnerability. This is because with the increasing amount of infections viruses and incursions, patching has become a serious evil. Efficient patching systems are thus necessary in order to allow the organization to deal with vulnerability issues. Organizations should therefore work very hard to ensure that they work using correct patches in the right manner.Another challenge faced by the IT staff during the security information strategy is lack of the right skill and knowledge implement the job. Therefore, continuous training should be provided to the members of the staff in order to compete with other companies. Most of medium sized companies currently face stiff competition currently face stiff competition from large companies. Adequate knowledge on computer software will help the organization to compete with the larger companies.Limited budget is also another issue that is faced by the IT staff when they try to implement security strategy. This may include software licensing fees, capital cost. The cost of purchasing IAM tools is just expensive but though a set of ROL calculations security will be highly managed.Most IT security officers also face problems or challenge of influencing security in the organization. They lack the ability to exert influence through negotiations, persuasions, advocacy and communication. Therefore well framed policies should be put down in order for the security staff to reach many people. IT security depends on all users. So the organization should be used to promote involvement and participation in the security efforts. Therefore implementing an Information Technology security program should be put in force both for large companies and small ones. (Harold, 2004, p 248).The following are some of the ways of ensuring effective security is implemented by the IT staff. One is building better passwords. The passwords are supposed to be simple and effective means of authenticating identity and therefore maintaining security. This can only be achieved if passwords are strong. Coming up with strong password policy is the only way of achieving security.In order for an organization to properly retain and secure its information assets, it must classify it to establish relative value. The most confidential information is that can be given high security while ones mostly used are placed on the fastest storage.Developing server configuration policy. This policy is best in ensuring that all servers have been hardened with effective security configurations and processes. The IT staff implementing the security strategy should also determine MS software security state with MBSA. The IT staff also needs to check their DNS security. Protecting the DNS server will ensure that the enterprise’s web is secured. Many enterprises are left operating without a starting point for detecting existing DNS vulnerabilities. IT administrators should therefore observe this using free online tool for help in their efforts to identify and rectify any DNS vulnerabilities. (Robert, 2004, p. 395).IAM (Identity and Access Management) also improves enterprise security operations by improving password usage and providing easier user management. Therefore the IT managers especially those working in medium sized companies need to access and identify IAM to improve the security in the organization.The IT staff managers should also develop a National Vulnerability Database (NVD). This is a free search engine provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technologies. The NVD contains all the list of IT security vulnerabilities that the IT managers or administrators new to be cautious about in their environment.The IT staff is also faced with the threats of terrorism-when trying to implement the security strategy. To avoid the risk of terrorism, they are supposed to develop change mobility strategy. Just like what happened in September 11, 2001, we are still mourning from the attempted Islamic terror. Therefore the IT staff should constantly review all the procedures for business travel to ensure that the employees who travel remain productive wherever they work.Most of the IT staff also does not obey the law of identity. Microsoft’s law of identity contains systems for establishing verifiable digital identities that would enhance confidence in the company.

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