Safety And Security In Housekeeping

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The housekeeping department is prone to accidents and Injuries because of Its labor intensity. It Involves physical activity and uses equipment – both of which Increase the risk of accident and Injury. To reduce risks, It Is Important to develop procedures to prevent accidents. Safety should be a top priority. Ongoing safety training program help ensure that safe conditions are maintained in all work areas. 3 Simple Rules to Prevent Accidents 1. Take adequate time.

No job is so urgent that you must do it in an unsafe, hurried manner.

Don’t RUSH when working. 2. Correct unsafe conditions immediately. Report to the instructor (Supervisor). 3. Do it safely the first time. Every student/employee must do his or her Job in a safe and correct manner. This is the best way to prevent accidents. Safety Rules for Hotels Below Is a sample of safety rules for hotels: 1. Keep glass out of linens. 2. Be alert for cracked glasses that are wrapped. 3. Keep cords out of pathways.

4. Keep bed covers off the floor. Never smoke on elevators. 6. Never smoke in bed. Place ashtrays on dresser, not beside the bed. 7. Do not overcrowd equipment for the Job. 8. Use correct cleaning equipment for the Job 9. Do not leave Room Service Trays in guest hallways. 10. Walk at the right side of the corridors. 11. Carry pointed objects (knives) with the sharp end down and away from you. 12. Use a ladder not a chair or box, when reaching for high places. 13. Put broken glass and metal waste in the proper containers. 14. Use handrails on stairways.

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Safety And Security In Housekeeping

Report defective wiring, plugs and unsuspected appliances to your supervisor. 16. Check the cord and plug of any electrical appliance before plugging in. 17. Sweep broken glass with broom, then use vacuum. Never use bare hands. 18. Pick up foreign objects on stairs or floors. 19. Be careful in placing luggage in public areas/baggage room. 20. Know the procedures for dealing with guest’s injuries and illnesses. Accidents Common Danger Spots That Can Trigger Accidents 1 . Scattered rugs – make sure they are placed or tacked on a non-skid mat. Electric cords – keep them off the floor and fasten them so that no one trip on them. 3. Of falling and slipping while bathing. 4. Kitchen – In cooking and washing, occasional spills and grease spots are bound to happen. Wipe them at once. Liquids on floors make slips inevitable. 5. Stairways – be sure they are well lit. Firm handrails should be provided. Check ladders for possible defects or worn out tiles.

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Safety And Security In Housekeeping
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