Romeo And Juliet Arranged Marriage Essay

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How would you direct act three scene five of Romeo and Juliet at the marina theatre? How would different generations react to an arranged marriage?In this essay I’m going to be directing the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. This play, along with many others written by Shakespeare were written in 1589-1595.

For this reason I have chosen to keep the traditional time period of the play to the 15th century Renaissance period, because I feel it was intended for this era.I will be directing just a small proportion of this play, act 3 scenes 5, and instead of directing it at the marina theatre I’m going to direct it at the Theatre Royal in Norwich because I have seen the play performed there and think it is a more appropriate location.

I think it is more appropriate because haven already seen it directed and performed there it will help me a great deal in how I choose to direct mine.I am also going to write about arranged marriage and how the attitudes towards it have changed over the years . The difference between now and then. In directing this play I am going to bear in mind the following points to assure the play is as powerful as possible to the audience or reader.

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I will consider; tone of voice, gestures, facial expression, sound effects, music, lighting, props, and costumes, position of characters, mood, and interaction between characters.In this scene the topic arranged marriage Subtly arises in the conversation between Juliet and lady Capulet “Marry, mychild, early next morn, The county Paris , at saint Peter’s church”. In the 15th and 16th Century it was very common for marriage to be arranged by parents or families in general. Here we hear lady Capulet persuading her daughter Juliet to marry Paris, this could have been for many reasons in the 15th century , money, class , and social status ,were all reason’s why parents choose to arrange children’s marriages, In this case it’s mostly because Paris has lots of money and status , so the Capulets see this as an investment,In Italy at the time of which Romeo and Juliet was set the female had very little if not no say in the choice of husband. The husband was chosen as a suitable rich powerful ally for the family also because people in this time did not live as long as now, girls often married at the young age of fourteen fifteen years of age .today this would be regarded as unacceptable. Now we can marry at the age of 16 ( with parents consent ) only most people in Britain choosing to marry for the first time between the age of about 19 – 28 roughly .Most people of today wouldn’t accept being told who to marry .Lines 1-64, this part of the scene is where Romeo is leaving Juliet through the window Juliet is sitting, leaning across the window ledge with Romeo half way down the side of the building adjacent to Juliet’s bedroom. They are reaching for each other looking deeply into one another’s eyes.” nights candles burnt out, and jocund day stands tiptoe on the misty mountain tops . I must be gone and live, or stay and die”. Staying with Juliet would result in Romeo being caught by the Capulets so he leaves. Juliet staring into his eyes, then looking away as his eyes creep over to hers ,” I have more care to stay than to go” she is comforted by Romeo which is emulated through his facial expression and tone of voice. Nurse enters Juliet’s bedroom with hast looking around and then focusing on Juliet.She stands up looking guilty. Romeo now leaving would wander around stage for a while ,until his two lines at lines 58 ,where he would then exit slowly .Juliet’s mother enters Lady Capulet ,this would put the audience in shock and will then loose the feeling of being safe in the environment Romeo and Juliet are in. Lady Capulet gives the impression to the audience she doesn’t have time to waste and is quite snappy .The audience should feel this mood change , with Juliet’s voice and the way she is trying to speak words at lady Capulet But very little interest is shown.Romeo and JulietBetween the lines 65-125 Juliet and her mother Lady Capulet speak about the loss of Juliet’s cousin’s life and the subject of Juliet Marrying Paris. When Talking to each other I would have Juliet sitting for the first of this section and a defensive stand for the second I would have this because the subject that is being told as it where to Juliet that of marrying Paris she doesn’t like the thought of and she has to show that she is standing by her decision. If Juliet merely sat and mumbled the audience would just accept that she isn’t disturbed at all, when she clearly is. “Thou weep’st not so much for his death as that the villain lives which slaughtered him” (line 77-8) This refers to Romeo, I think her mother can almost see what is happening an this is a little clue , The facial expressions, tome of voice and the gestures given would make this clear to the audience ,This triggers the convocation , as Romeo is mentioned several times .Lady Capulet wants Juliet to marry Paris . Paris has money class, and a respectable family. Lines 112″marry my child ,early next Thursday morn , the gallant ,yond noble gentlemen ,the county Paris”,The county Paris, she is saying this because he is al powerful-man”saint peters church” Obviously the wedding is arranged for Thursday. Juliet feel’s as though she is trapped and is intimidated by her mother’s power. “He shall not make me a joyfulbride”, she is starting to have to defend herself .The tension rises and the audience should see this .”It shall be Romeo, whom you know I hate, rather than Paris “.In lines 126-204 Capulet enters and joins in the convocation. On stage therefore is Capulet, Juliet, Lady Capulet and the Nurse .When the characters are speaking I would direction the light exposing the characters talking and the other character in the convocation and dim the other’s .This decreases confusion of the plot and creates better understanding.In Lines 205-241 Juliet’s turns to nurse ,she knows that nurse cannot help change their decision but looks for advice from her ,”O Nurse, how shall this be prevented . The mood is now at a calming non pressured pace. The lighting will reflect this, with mellow yellow blues dimmed slightly; this will suggests that Juliet has a better relationship with nurse.ConclusionThe scene that I have studied pays close attention to the fact that in the 15thcentury arranged marriage was very common , Upper and lower classes can be identified just from these few short paragraphs in the scene the feeling of expansion of there ever growing wealthy family is distinct. I think people of an audience now wouldn’t except this .If we were in the 15th century you would expect there to be a normal reaction amongst the crowd .People have changed significantly in the last 400 years our lifestyle and values are different, I think this play carries this hidden message if you like. Yet it is a typical 15th century play write by Shakespeare.

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