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Rocky Soccer Academy Paper

Karl Henning came to the United States from the U. K. in 2000 on a soccer scholarship. Karl grew up playing soccer on many competitive teams through high school and had a brief profession career in England. When St. Albans College recruited him to play soccer, he thought it would open his life to a grand adventure. That adventure changed his life. While at St. Albans, Henning met his future wife, Dawn Jacobs, how also played soccer there. She graduated a year ahead of him and went to Fort Collins, Colorado, where she played on the semiprofessional Fort Collins Force women’s soccer team.

When Henning finished college, he followed Jacobs to northern Colorado. Jacobs was captain of the Force and worked for the sports marketing company that owned the team. Henning got a job at local meat packing plant, but soccer was his passion. He mad the practice squad for the Colorado Rapids Major League Soccer team, but injuries cut his professional career short. Another passion for Henning became teaching soccer to kids. He has a natural talent for coaching. Henning is charismatic, kids enjoy his easy-going demeanor and British accent and he really knows soccer and how to teach the game to youngsters.

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In 2006, Henning founded the Rocky Soccer Academy- attribute to the proximity of the Rocky Mountains. At first he trained small groups of young players aged 7 to 14. He grouped them by age, gender and skill and conducted training sessions for small groups of five to seven at a local park. The first kids he attracted came by word of mouth as they quickly told friends and teammates about “ this British guy who teaches soccer and make it fun”. His small after-school camps quickly grew to include more than 50 kids.

Word continued to get around, and by the following summer Henning conducted 10 different camps and quit his job at the meat packing plant. He also trained 11 different Rocky 3v3 soccer teams that competed in tournaments across the state and nation during the Rocky name across the front and the success of these teams made the jerseys a great promotion vehicle. In 2008 four of his teams competed in the national 3v3 soccer tournament, with one winning a national championship. To keep up with the rapid growth, Henning brought a few friends over from England to assist with training.

Will Bowman moved to the United States to become Henning’s assistant director of coaching. Henning and Bowman planned to work year-round as trainers and hire s couple of local coaches to help them conduct training sessions. During the summer he added a couple of local college soccer players and a few former team mates from England. The summer seasons works nice for his British mates because that is the off season for those still playing professionally. Henning is confident he can hire and train more coaches if he needs them to handle future growth.

Youth soccer is big in Colorado and cross much of the United States. It is the largest participation sport for kids. Fort Collins is a soccer hotbed and this has helped Henning’s business grow. He now trains about 600 kids per year. But he has greater ambitions. For example he would like to build a training facility, the space he currently rents is not always well-suited to soccer. However he figures he would needs to double his business to justify the cost of the soccer complex he wants to build. So he is now wondering how to grow his business.

About 90 percent of his current customers live in Fort Collins, which has a population of about 110 000 people. Henning believes awareness of his program is close to 100 percent among competitive soccer players ages 11 – 14 and is probably at about 40 percent among families with soccer playing kids ages 6 to 10. most of his customers are 10 to 13 years old and enroll in two to three Rocky programs per year. He has also run a few camps in Boulder and Northglenn, which are about 50 miles from Fort Collins. These have been successful but are currently limited.

There are several small cities within 25miles of Fort Collins. Loveland a city of about 60 000 borders Fort Collins on the year. Greeley and Longmont each with about 80 000 people, are about 25 miles away by interstate highway. These areas have very limited soccer training programs except for their competitive term and awareness of Rocky is not very high. Those who have heard of his academy are often not very familiar with its philosophy and programs. Henning is not sure if parents in these communities would be wiling to drive their kids to Fort Collins for training. If not, he would have to run his programs there.

Henning knows that he wants to grow his business, but wonders how he can accomplish his goal. He currently sees a few options: 1. His current customer retention rate is pretty high about 80%. However when the kids reach 14 or 15 years old, other high school sports and activities make them less interested in extra soccer training. One option is to try to increase retention by developing programs targeted at kids over 14. 2. Another option is to develop a marketing strategy that would encourage his current customers to buy more. He wonders if they have other needs that he might be able to serve. 3.

Henning could try to grow the business by entering new markets and acquiring new customers. His markets penetration with kids 6 to 9 years old is still quite modest. He might develop new programs to better meet this groups needs. 4. Another new market option would be to serve more kids from Loveland, Longmont and Greeley. Evaluated Henning’s different options for growing Rocky customer equity. Develop a set of marketing strategy ideas for each of the options. What could Henning do for market research to better assess his options? Please do solution for gender wage discrimination. In 2-3 pages.

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