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RN career paper Essay

Some examples of facilities include the intensive care unit (CLIP surgery, maternity, emergency, oncology, pediatrics, and geriatrics. (“Registered Nursing Career”) One particular specialty that I would be interested in would be becoming a Preoperative (O. R. ) Nurse. Preoperative nurses provide surgical patient care before, during, and after surgery. They could directly work with the surgeon by passing Instruments, controlling bleeding, and suturing during surgery.

In order to become a preoperative nurse, a registered nurse has to earn experience in critical care and emergency room are due to fast paced and sometimes stressful situations that might take place. (“Preoperative (O. R. ) Nurse”) Achieving the profession as a registered nurse is a huge accomplishment due to very challenging educational requirements that have to be met before. A four-year bachelor’s degree, a two-year associates degree, or a bridge program for a licensed practical nurse (ALP) Is needed to become a registered nurse.

Obtaining the education can become extremely costly in the process. A bachelor’s degree can cost roughly a year depending on the university. An associates degree can cost roughly $3,000 at a community college to over $20,000 at a private university. Other expenses add up quickly before graduating as a registered nurse. For example, licenser examination (UNCLE-RAN), uniforms or scrubs, medical equipment such as a stethoscope and blood pressure apparatus, fees for affiliation expenses with medical faceless, and insurance fees.

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After accumulating all of the student loans and the stress experienced with school, one can enjoy the salary of a registered nurse as a treat. (“How Much Does an RAN Program Cost to Finish? “) The average annual salary for a registered nurse is $67,930 ($32. 66 per hour). The lowest average salary is approximately $45,040 ($21. 65 per hour) annually and the highest annual salary stands around $94,730 ($45. 54 per hour). (“Registered Nurse Salary”) The registered nurse profession Is In very high demand in this day In age. There are approximately 2. Million registered nursed employed In the United States. Sixty percent of registered nurses are employed in hospitals, while the other forty percent are employed in doctor’s offices and clinics. (“Registered Nurses”) The lack of nursing educators is partially affecting the registered nurse programs in the united States due to university teaching Jobs pay less than positions in a hospital. (Specter) In the nursing environment, you could experience back injuries from moving patients, workplace violence, or unmanaged stress from being overworked.

Another major hazard in the nursing profession is airborne exposure to Tuberculosis (TAB), or contracting communicable diseases such as the human immunodeficiency virus (HIVE) or hepatitis B virus (HOB) which is commonly caused by needle stick injuries. Ramsey) Organizations and associations are created for registered nurses to stay connected with other nurses experiencing the same situations. A well-known association is the Academy of Medical-surgical Nurses (AIMS). The AIMS is dedicated to promoting excellence and striving to improve patient care with approximately 10,000 nurses involved.

The American Academy of Nursing (AN) is an organization that provides visionary leadership, advanced scientific knowledge, and development of health care policies. (“Associations/organizations”) Professional organizations also help registered nurses stay updated on their specialties and revive information with continued education courses. (Gregg-McKinley) My grandmother was a nurse for over 35 years. She started in surgery and eventually finished her career as a home health nurse. As a home health nurse, she would travel to many places to care for her patients.

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