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Rise of the Third Crusade With Syria Position Paper Essay

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European response to a swelling Islamic influence and power in Palestine. In 636 AD, Byzantine Empire’s losses at the hands of the Arachnids Caliphate marked a new era of reign for Palestine. Psalmists quickly regained control, and rule passed through several Islamic states over the next few centuries. By 1079, the Sequels had established relative permanent control over Palestine, and removed all Byzantine influence.

In response to an alienation of Christianity In the Middle East, the Roman Catholic Church responded by creating a anti-LULAS policy by 1095. Pope urban II, in an effort o rally support and troops for the coming crusades, declared that “All who die by the way, whether by land or by sea, or in battle against the pagans, shall have immediate remission of sins. This I grant them through the power of God with which I am invested. ” (Urban). Urban proclamation was important to the Crusades, because it accomplished two important objectives for the Crusades to occur.

The Catholic Church guaranteed salvation for those who Joined the Crusades, which ensured high rates of volunteers, and high amounts of support from all branches of service, that of the navy and the army. The now abundant amounts of manpower and supplies allowed the Crusades to grow unfettered. The speech also marked the Muslims as clear enemies to the Christian states of Europe, and encouraged a extremist nationalist policy that euthanized Islamic populations. This disconnection from the humanity of the Palestinian Muslims helped the Crusades gain momentum.

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By 1106. Urban had organized a massive movement to reclaim Palestine. At the Council of Claremont, he had greatly consecrated any violence against the Useless, and cried “Dues vault” (God wills it. ) urban had begun touring in France decades earlier, ND now, messengers began to be sent to preach in Southern Italy. The preliminary stages of the Crusades begin in the year 1096, when Peter the Hermit, Inspired by the religious ferocity of Urban, lead an indistinguishable crowd into Turkish land. His people were ambushed and slaughtered.

This “battle” marks the beginning of the Crusades. France and Italy became formally Involved In 1096, and nearly 100,000 crusaders led by Hugh of Overmanned marched south to Anatolia. Crusade conflict began at the Siege of Anatolia, where the crusaders laid siege to Antioch, and after several months, scaled the walls and razed the city. A Muslim counter attack almost immediately put Antioch under siege again, but the army was crushed by the crusaders under Behemoth of Toronto. The surviving survivors of the Antioch siege trudged south, to capture Jerusalem.

The Franks captured the city, and many thousands of Jews and Muslims were slaughtered in blind Christian superiors. The newly Christian states were initially stable, but several failed crusades led by Behemoth of Antioch and the Crusade of 1101 and new powerful militaries led by Kill Arsenal and lama ad-Din Zing recaptured Islamic territory in the early 12th century. Three current crusade states, Odessa, populated mainly by Armenian and Syrians and facing constant breach by Muslim forces since its origin in the first crusade of 1109.

Tension between Middle Eastern and European powers grew as the fight for the power of Aleph waged on. On December 1st of 1145 Quantum Predecessors is released by Pope Eugene Ill calling for the second crusade to be centralized through powerful European kings, with special focus upon King Louis VII of France. To rouse international support for the second crusade, the pope additionally allowed and nodded the specific targeting of minorities in individual countries, such as the campaign against the pagan Slavs in Germany and the Reconstitutes against the Moors of the Iberian Peninsula.

Most German forces were killed en route to Asia Minor or ultimately killed in battle or forced into slavery upon capture. The French forces faced relatively less trouble over the course of their crusade excluding a battle with Turkish forces, from which they emerged victorious. In their attacks on Damascus the crusaders used guerrilla war tactics in their siege of the city, but ultimately failed and were forced to retreat to Jerusalem. The failure of the second crusade hugely affected European country relations and changed the political and military functionality of Jerusalem.

Sync would like to emulate the power and strength of our leader, Salad, and move to destroy the Christian invaders using new military tactics, called Hidden Sand War. Our new strategy heavy relies on the usage of camouflage and ambushes. Because of the stark blankness of Palestinian geography, we propose that the Syrian army begin to hide themselves from the enemy beyond typical camouflage. New camouflage should reflect the arid terrain of Syria, and we would like to implement several devices of surprise, including sand traps, and sand bunkers.

Syria is in serious need of a fortification system to deter religious fanatics from entering the Holy Land. Syria would like to utilize the desert’s most common resource to defend itself. First, camel hair or cactus reeds would be used to create bags to carry sand in. These sand bags would be used to create fortifications against arrow strikes, and chargers. Many of these fortification would be dug into the sand, and would lend in with the ground, to better protect and cover troops located within. Troops would utilize the cover to act as archery posts or bases for sudden quick surprise attacks.

Another tactical advantage of the blandness of the sand would be to deter enemy cavalry movements. Small pits would be dug into the sand, and could be filled with blades, and covered with tarps. These small pits would fit horse legs perfectly, and would work so whenever a horse stepped inside, the bone would break due to the horses weight. If the bone didn’t break, the sheer pressure of the horse step would cut or snap the horses leg. This would force heavy knights onto their feet, making them vulnerable to archers and cavalry charge.

Syria also proposes that a mobile horse archer unit be established to create a quick and powerful cavalry. This new cavalry would be based off Mongolia cavalry, and would carry bows and short swords. Each rider would own three to four horses to increase speeds, and the Arabian horse race would be used. These new riders would incorporate two specific tactics, the use of the planned rout, and ambush. The riders, if they feel the time if opportune, would fake a retreat to lure the enemy into breaking ranks. This breakage massive cavalry charge.

And lastly, the use of crude oil would be used to control the enemy. Cavalry will lure enemy troops into pre-doused fields of oil, and trap them using the fire. Troops, disoriented and scared, provide an easy target for charges, and the fire pushes the troops against a wall. At this point, phalanx formations would force the enemy either into the fire, against the phalanx, or either down a very narrow break in the line, where more troops appear to ambush. Eventually, the crusaders will become so worn down, they will be forced to retreat, and succumb to Islamic dominance.

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